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Travel Advice for Mobile Professionals & Road Warriors

Get business travel advice for making working on the road and staying connected on the go easier -- including must-have tech tools and top travel tips.
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How to Connect to a Hotel Wireless Network
Step by step directions for getting connected wirelessly at a hotel

Top Travel Accessories and Gifts for Travelers
Top travel accessories, travel gadgets, and other gear that can make traveling much more pleasant either for yourself or your favorite traveler.

Working on the Road - Stay Connected on Planes, at Hotels, & Ships
Tips and tricks for working while traveling. Stay connected on land, air, or sea.

Carry Everything You Need on a Tiny USB Stick
Bring important information, favorite applications, and program settings with you on one tiny USB thumb drive.

Avoid Data Roaming Charges When Traveling
Using a data-enabled cell phone abroad--or even domestically sometimes--can be very expensive. Avoid the surprise of a hefty phone bill when you get home with these tips.

Top Free Wi-Fi Hotels
Before planning your trip, make sure your hotel offers free high speed Internet access (sadly, many hotel chains do not). Here's a handy list to make your hotel selection easier.

Business Travel Tips and Tech Challenges
Do you travel for work? Share and read others' business travel tips and traveling with tech horror stories here.

Mobile Power Options on Airplanes
Find out what devices you need to charge your laptop or other mobile device on an airplane. Some of these universal adapters also function as car chargers.

Satellite Phones Overview
Satellite phones allow you to stay connected in remote areas beyond cellular and landline coverage.

Top 7 Travel Wireless Routers
Top wireless travel routers for sharing Internet access on the go.

Preparing to Use Your Vehicle as a Mobile Office
Here are some factors to consider before using your vehicle as a mobile office.

Regus businessworld Membership Review - business lounges and cafes
Regus businessworld offers an alternative to working at coffeeshops or wi-fi hotspots, with professional business lounges and cafes, meeting rooms, and day offices.

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