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The 3 Best VPN Services

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You need a VPN to stay anonymous online and secure your private information. Here are three of the best VPN services to choose from.

Stay Secure
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The 3 Best VPN Services That Protect Your Privacy and Security

You should be using a VPN. Here are three of the best ones available.

How to Save Mobile Data When Tethering Your Android Tablet or Phone

How to conserve your mobile data when you connect your Wi-Fi-only Android tablet to a mobile hotspot or your phone

How to Take a Screenshot in Windows

Use these keyboard shortcuts and built-in utilities to quickly take a screenshot in Windows.

How to Use Your Windows 8 Laptop as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

How to share your internet connection on a Windows 8 laptop with your tablet and other wireless gadgets

Send and Receive Text Messages on Your Desktop with MightyText

Send and receive text messages on your computer using your Android phone number, or send files from your PC to your Android phone or tablet. MightyText is pretty awesome.

Review of the Toshiba 15.6-inch USB Mobile Monitor

Toshiba's 15.6-inch mobile monitor promised to double your laptop's screen real estate on the go. Here's our hands-on review.

Laptop Monitors

Mobile monitors--that is, external, portable monitors that connect to your laptop to increase the screen real estate--have always seemed good in theory but

Skype Will Soon Translate Languages in Real-Time

Video conferencing is one of those critical tools for small businesses and remote workers. Tools like Skype also help families in distant cities stay connected.

Download the Last Functional Version of TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is one of the best tools for encrypting and password-protecting your files and hard drives. Earlier this week, the software was suddenly pulled and

Export Your Springpad Data to Evernote or Pocket

It's sad that Springpad is shutting down. The developers of the unique note-taking app promised to create an export tool to save all your data before the June

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