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Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi Networking Advice


Mobile computing is all about staying connected wherever you are. Find out everything you need to know about connecting to Wi-Fi networks, using mobile data, improving your internet connection, and setting up your own wireless network.
  1. Set Up a Wireless Network
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi
  3. Use the Mobile Internet
  4. Tether Your Smartphone and Laptop

Set Up a Wireless Network

Wireless networks are available

Thanks to wireless technology, you can share files between computers and mobile devices, print, stream media, and get internet access--all without using cables. Here's what you need to know about Wi-Fi and how to set up and improve your home wireless network.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Connectify turns your Windows 7 laptop into a wi-fi hotspot

Connect your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other wireless device to a Wi-Fi network--whether it's a public Wi-Fi hotspot (such as a coffeeshop or hotel) or a home or business network. You can even share an internet connection with other devices wirelessly or create your own Wi-Fi network on the go.

Use the Mobile Internet

working on a smartphone

Mobile internet access (a.k.a. mobile broadband) can keep you connected not just on a smartphone, but on a tablet or laptop as well. Here's how to use wireless 3G or 4G for internet access on the go, including finding the best mobile data plan and avoiding overage charges.

Tether Your Smartphone and Laptop

Cell Phone Tethering Photo © Epoxydude / Getty Images

Tethering is a way to connect your cell phone to another device (usually a laptop or tablet) to share internet access. It comes in really handy when you're working on the go or need backup internet access. Here's everything you need to know about tethering.

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