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Top 9 PDA Security Software - Anti Virus, Firewall and Encryption Programs


Just as you protect your laptop data by using anti virus and firewall software, you have to take the same precautions with your PDA. The data it contains is just as valuable to you and your company so take the time to make sure you are doing and using all that is available to protect you and your data. When looking at anti virus and firewall protection you may find programs that work on both your laptop and PDA. Using anti virus and firewall protection should be made company policy and enforced.

1. Kaspersky Labs Security for PDA

This PDA security programs works with both internal and external memory components of your PDA. It protects against virus infection and can also be used to encrypt and password protect your data. It is compatible with both Windows and Palm-based PDAs and SmartPhones running Windows CE.

2. PocketLock for Pocket PC

PocketLock is encryption software that will run on any Windows based PDA and enables you to chose the level of encryption you wish to assign to files. Individual files or folders can be encrypted. There is also a Windows PC version available to make it easier to transfer encrypted files between the two devices.

3. avast! 4 PDA Edition

avast! 4 PDA Edition is compatible with Windows CE devices including the SmartPhone Edition, PDAs running the Palm OS and Windows based PDAs. This software is downloaded to your laptop and then installed to your PDA from there. Check to see if your PDA is supported. This is an anti virus program and there is a product available for laptops and desktop computers.

4. F-Secure

F-Secure is anti virus protection for your SmartPhone. Now you can protect your data and prevent problems from occurring by using this program on your SmartPhone. View the supported SmartPhone listing on the F-Secure web site.

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is available to protect SmartPhones and PDAs. This anti virus program will provide protection even when using SMS Text Messaging.

6. Airscanner™ Mobile AntiVirus Pro for Pocket PC

Airscanner™ is an anti virus and anti trojan program for your PDA. Protect your PDA from unauthorized attacks and attempts to obtain your data. Airscanner™ is compatible with Windows Mobile 2002/2003 and requires 2 MB of RAM and ARM or Xscale processor.

7. Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet is an good protection system for PDA users who carry confidential data on their PDAs. Passwords, account information and card numbers can all be encrypted. Using this program is one way to carry just a PDA while on business trips and leave your wallet in a secure location. A PIN is required to access the encrypted data. This program can also be used on laptops.

8. CodeWallet Pro

CodeWallet Pro is another program which enables you to encrypt any data you wish and keep it protected. CodeWallet Pro can be synchronized with the desktop edition. It is available in a variety of languages and data can easily be exported for use in other programs.

9. eWallet

eWallet is available for Pockt PCs, Windows SmartPhones and Palm based devices. You can use this program on a desktop or laptop in order to keep files synchronized. It enables you to customize the types of information you wish to include and encrypt.

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