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Put Your Laptop into Standby

3 Methods of Putting Your Laptop into Standby mode.


When using Standby mode it is important to remember that you must save your work before using Standby. Standby mode does not save work to the hard drive.

There are three options to use for setting Standby on your laptop. Your decision on which method to use will be based on how often you plan to use Standby. Closing the Lid and Using the Power Button are both methods that stay until you change the settings again. Selecting Standby from the ShutDown menu is a when you need it option.

Closing the Lid

  • Start ] Control Panel
  • Dobule-click Power Options
  • Select the Advanced Tab in the Power Options Properties
  • Select Standby in the When I close the lid of my portable computer.
  • Click OK or Apply and then close the lid of your laptop.

Using the Power Button

  • Start ] Control Panel
  • Double-click Power Options
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Select Standby in the When I press the power button on my computer.
  • Click OK or Apply and then press the Power button.
  • Note: Clicking OK will save new settings and closes the dialog box. Clicking Apply will save new settings but not close the dialog box.

At Shutdown

  • Start ] Shutdown
  • From the Shutdown window select Standby
  • Click OK

In order to disable Standby, just repeate the first steps and then select the new power option you want to use.

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