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9 Tech Gifts Ideas for Women

Gift ideas for birthdays, Mother's Day, and other holidays for high-tech women


If you need a gift for a woman who loves technology or simply works with it a lot, you've come to the right place. Here are some gadget and tech-related gift ideas for women. ~ April 24, 2011

Women's Laptop Bag

McKlein Glen Ellyn Detachable Wheeled Brief
McKlein USA

Laptop bags for women are both functional and stylish (and, like shoes, a woman can never have too many). With the wide array of designer women's laptop bags available today, it's easy to find one that can suit the unique personality and tastes of your gift recipient (just make sure you know the size of her laptop). Shown here: the McKlein Glen Ellyn Detachable Wheeled Brief (hopefully my next laptop bag purchase or gift)

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Bluetooth Wireless Accessory

Jawbone ICON Thinker Bluetooth Headset

Wireless accessories support and enhance our mobile lifestyles. From jewelry-like Bluetooth headsets to a keychain device that's part speakerphone, part wireless leash and part personal safety device, wireless accessories are practical and freeing. Shown here: the Jawbone ICON Thinker Bluetooth headset.

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Mobile Hotspot

Novatel MiFi for Verizon

A portable wireless hotspot allows you to go online from multiple devices anywhere you have a cellular signal. The MiFi (shown here) is one of the most popular mobile hotspot devices and is available on most of the major wireless carriers. As an alternative, you could get a USB mobile broadband modem, like the Virgin Mobile USB Modem, for plug-and-play Internet to go.

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Compact Photo Printer

HP Photosmart A646 Compact Photo Printer
Photo © HP
A compact printer saves space and enables you to print photos and documents wherever you go. Shown here: The HP Photosmart A646 compact photo printer, which weighs just 2.37 pounds.
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Something Pink

Mobile Edge Komen Paris Backpack

Besides being functional and pretty gifts, many pink items (ereaders, office supplices, and more) and services contribute to an important cause for women and their loved ones: breast cancer awareness and research. Shown here: the Mobile Edge Komen Paris backpack.

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A Second Computer Monitor

Dell 2209wa 22" Monitor

Perhaps nothing is more productivity-boosting than adding a second (or third) monitor. It's one peripheral that your gift recipient will surely appreciate. Shown here: the Dell UltraSharp 2209wa (my beloved second monitor).

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iPhone or iPad App

Gift an App on iPad or iPhone
Melanie Pinola
Sure, you can give someone an iTunes gift card, but for a more personal touch, consider sending apps you know your recipient can really use and will love. Many great apps are even free, such as Cozi Family Organizer for managing multiple schedules and tasks. Others cost just a few dollars.

An eReader, like the Kindle or Nook

Kidle digital reader
Photo © Amazon

I love my Kindle. If your gift recipient is an avid reader, an electronic reader is a wonderful gift (and it's one of the best gifts for travelers as well).

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A New Laptop, Tablet, or Cell Phone

HP EliteBook 2540p business laptop

If you really want to go all out for that techie woman in your life, a new laptop, tablet, or smartphone would be sure to please. Prices range from almost nothing (free phones with new wireless service contract) to a couple of hundred dollars for a netbook, and on up. Shown here: the HP EliteBook 2540p - a great ultraportable that's all business.

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