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Laptops and Desktop PCs

Find the right computer for your professional needs and learn how to get the most out of your laptop or desktop PC with our computer tips.
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Which Laptop Should You Buy?
How to select the right laptop for your mobile needs.

Which Tablet Should You Buy? iOS versus Android versus Windows on Tablets
See how the major tablet operating systems--Apple's iOS on iPad, Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows 7--compare.

Introduction to Ultrabooks
What you need to know about these ultraportable, ultrathin laptops.

Introduction to Laptop Models
Laptops are usually classified into different categories based on size, price, and other features. Here's a quick overview of the different types of laptops and the types of jobs they are most suitable for.

All About Google Chromebooks
Learn all about Chromebooks, Google's inexpensive ultraportable laptops designed for travelers, students, and everyday use.

Ultrabooks: Super-thin and lightweight laptops that last all day
Ultrabook laptops with Haswell processors will be thinner, lighter, and have long lasting batteries. Here's what to expect from Ultrabooks in 2013.

Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptops and Tablet PCs
Windows 8 touchscreen laptops and hybrid tablet PCs promise the sweet touch interaction of tablets with the productivity-enhancements of laptop keyboards. Here's a roundup of some of the most interesting Windows 8 laptops you can touch or type on.

Should You Buy a Consumer or Business Class PC?
Though they may look alike, there are several significant differences between consumer and business grade computers. Before buying a home computer for work purposes, find out if you need to buy a business class PC or if a consumer model will do.

Before You Buy a Computer for Work: Features to Consider
Find out what features and specs to take into consideration when buying a laptop or desktop computer for work purposes, whether you work from home or on the road.

How to Save Money Buying a Computer (Especially for Work)
Save money when buying a computer, especially one you will use for work. Learn the best times and methods to buy a new PC and other electronics.

Top Laptops Under $500
Here's a great selection of bargain-priced laptops that offer decent performance for both work and play.

Ultrabooks for Under $1000
Stylish, superthin and lightweight Ultrabook laptops priced at under $1,000.

Mobile Device Buying Guide
Mobile devices make it possible to do just about everything on the go -- working, learning, banking, communicating, and even just being entertained. With the very many types (and growing) of mobile devices available for both consumer and business use, figuring out which devices can best suit your needs (and whether you should get more than one)...

Chromebook Reviews and Opinions
Share your thoughts about Chromebooks and see others' reviews of these cheap, ultraportable laptops from Google

What to Do with a Broken Laptop
Even if your laptop is broken, you can still get more use out of it or salvage or sell the parts. Here are four ways to revive an old laptop.

Where to Sell Your Old Laptop or Smartphone for the Most Money
Where to sell your old laptop or tablet for the most money

Where to Donate or Recycle Your Used Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet
Two easy sites to find out where to donate or recycle your old laptop or tablet.

How to Maintain Your Computer to Make It Last Longer and Work Better
Maintenance tasks everyone should do to make sure their computers are updated, clean, and running smoothly.

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