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International Travel Resources for Mobile Workers

Find advice and information for working while traveling internationally, including customs requirements, overseas Internet access options, and international power needs.

Prepaid International Mobile Broadband Services
Get high speed wireless Internet access on your laptop in countries around the world by using one of these international mobile broadband rental companies.

Global Wi-Fi Internet Service Providers
Get wi-fi hotspot Internet access just about anywhere in the world when traveling or just on the go. These wi-fi Internet service plans offer convenient one-account logons to thousands of wireless hotspots around the world.

FAQ: How Can I Make International Calls While Traveling Abroad?
Find the best way for you to make international calls while traveling: pros and cons of using your cell phone overseas, renting a mobile phone, renting a sim card for your phone, and more.

What is roaming and how do data roaming fees work? Find out in this quick overview.

Satellite Phones Overview
Satellite phones allow you to stay connected in remote areas beyond cellular and landline coverage.

Can I use my modem overseas and how?
Before you plug in your modem and connect your laptop, be sure you have the right type of phone line available and the right filter.

Electricity Around the World
A very handy table listing the voltage and types of electrical plugs used in countries around the world -- a great reference for international travelers who want to know if their equipment will work in another country.

Taking your mobile gear outside Canada
Before you leave Canada for a business trip - make sure you have registered your mobile gear on a Form Y38.

Traveling with mobile gear outside the U.S.
Be sure you know what is expected of mobile workers when leaving the U.S. for business trips with their mobile gear.

Understand the Difference with Internet Access When Traveling In Europe
European Internet access is different than accessing the Internet in North America. Plan your business trips wisely and know what Internet access will cost you while in Europe.

Understand what tax impulses are and how they affect mobile workers
Learn more about what tax impulses are and how to deal with them when working in another country.

Understanding Dual Voltage Mobile Devices
Check to see if your mobile devices are dual voltage before heading overseas. Not sure what this means? Find out more and why you should know.

Current Travel Warnings
From the U.S. Department of State: Bureau of Consular Affairs, travel warnings issued to descrbe long-term conditions that make traveling to a country on this list dangerous. Check these when making your travel itinerary.

Public Announcements
Check this page often for updates. It contains information that all mobile travelers should be aware of, especially those from the United States.

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