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Top 7 Remote Management Books


Creating a telecommuting program and managing telecommuters is still a very new concept for many companies. Before you commit to beginning a telecommuting program, do your homework. Books provide an excellent resource and valuable resource - you can refer to the book for tips and ideas quickly and easily. Your virtual team management will be more successful if you increase your resources.

1. Managing Telework

Written by Jack Nilles, this book provides information for managers to help ease their fears of "losing control" and help prepare them to manage telecommuters. The book covers a great deal of information in a thorough manner. Companies should keep this book handy and use it often for reference when planning and executing their telecommuting program.
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2. An Organizational Guide To Telecommuting

Starting with definitions and a brief history of telecommuting, this books provides the starting blocks to creating a telecommuting program within your company. This book includes information on selection and training of employees and supervisors which is important for any manager to know.
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3. Virtual Teams

From two experts in virtual teams, this book will prove to be an excellent resource for managers. Case studies and practical tips and solutions will help make your telecommuting arrangements more successful. Virtual teams can succeed and this book will help show you the way.
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4. The Distance Manager

Learn how you can become a better or perhaps even the best distance manager. Working with telecommuters and complete virtual teams is something that requires a new way of thinking. This book will help prepare you and perhaps improve your distance management skills.
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5. Manager's Pocket Guide to Virtual Teams

Managers face new challenges working with virtual teams and telecommuters. Learn more about the technologies that can help or hinder your team's progress. Find out more solutions to make your virtual team or telecommuters more successful and in turn make you a better manager.
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6. Virtual Teams

This book looks at problems that may be encountered by virtual teams and some of the solutions that will solve those problems. Managers who have telecommuters in their staff, will no doubt find information that will help them.
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7. Working Virtually

Understand why the need for virtual teams is growing and how to make it work within your company. Managers will find this book contains useful information that will help you set up and keep your virutal teams working successfully. Learn how to avoid potential problems by providing training and ongoing support.
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