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omNovia Review - A Great GoToMeeting Alternative

Highly customizable web conferencing solution

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omNovia is a simple, but complete web conferencing tool. It comes with all standard web conferencing features such as VoIP, screensharing, application sharing and online collaboration tools such as a whiteboard.

If you want a highly customizable web conferencing tool, then omNovia is for you as it allows you to add your company's logo or banner both to the web conferencing room and to the sign-up page.

It provides users with high quality video and audio (it even comes with an echo cancellation feature) and proved reliable on all my tests.


omNovia Control at a Glance

Bottom-Line: This is a completely browser-based web conferencing tool, so there are no downloads whatsoever for meeting hosts or attendees. Getting started with omNovia was also extremely easy as there are a number of tutorials available that show users exactly how to use the web conferencing room and its features.

Pros:  Uses little bandwidth, so those on slower Internet connections also have a good meeting experience. Connects a phone line into VoIP, so it’s possible for users to participate in the conference regardless of whether they want to phone in or use a headset. One interesting feature of omNovia is in-room audio, which allows users to play online radio stations.

Cons: Open microphones are not default, and presenters must remember to manually turn it on when starting a web conference. Mac users can attend conferences, but not host them.

Price: Starts at $49 monthly.

What it Does

omNovia is a great web conferencing tool for those looking to host large online meetings (also known as webinars), as it offers plans that allow for up to 5,000 attendees. It is highly reliable, and has fully redundant servers, with a maximum of 900 people per server. It also works around firewalls, and there are no accessibility problems, even when a firewall is in place.

It is a great tool for carrying out presentations, as it supports Power Point 2003, 2007 and also 2010. It uses very little bandwidth, so even those who aren’t on a very high speed connection can view a slide show without experiencing delays. Slide shows are also shown exactly as you planned them, as transitions are preserved.  

If you’d prefer to share an application instead of your whole screen, omNovia also allows for that. In my tests, application sharing was fast and attendees could see exactly what I was seeing on my screen at all times. Users can go full-screen both on screen and application sharing.

Annotation tools, highlighter tools and a whiteboard are also available. What is put on the whiteboard during a meeting remains there for subsequent logins. This means that if you close down omNovia after a meeting, but would like to recover something from the whiteboard, all you have to do is log into your conference room and it will still be there.

Users can also conduct live polls and share video. The video quality is superb, although users on slower connections could experience the occasional delay problem.

Highly Customizable

Usually, web conferencing tools have limited customization capabilities. This is not the case with omNovia, which lets users completely customize their meeting room with banners, logos and even meeting room skins for self-branding.

Not only that, but event login pages can also be completely customized. A unique feature of omNovia is that it provides several APIs (application programming interfaces), which provide website, CRM, database and other system integrations. This means that it’s possible to achieve one singular look and feel throughout all of the tools used by a company while extending the application's capabilities.

Social Media Integration

Social media is becoming more important every day - including in the workplace. This is why omNovia offers omniTweet, which lets web conference participants send out Twitter messages right from the web conferencing room. They can also track a certain subject being talked about on Twitter right from the meeting room. This means that there is no need to minimize the online meeting window in order to follow what’s happening on Twitter.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
The new version works great, Member pchen2010

The new version (3.1) of the omNovia app works great. It has support for almost everything possible on a PC (attendee side). Even the new Notes module and the Cobrowser are supported.

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