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Top 5 Ways to Connect in a Hotel - Be Aware of Internet Access Options


Planning your business trip will involve more than just deciding which mobile gear you must take to knowing all you can about hotel Internet access.

The hotel which offers the most reliable and economical Internet access will be a deciding factor but you must also be aware of the options that you have available before committing to using the hotel's Internet access.

There are ways to save money and still stay connected while you are traveling.

1. Find Hotels With Internet Access

Mobile office professionals need to know they can find good Internet access while traveling and staying in hotels. I define good Internet access as economical, easy to use and reliable. There is no sense paying for Internet service in a hotel which will not be available due to restricted hours of access or does not allow you to connect without jumping through hoops.

2. Use Your Own ISP in a Hotel

Why rely on an Internet service provider you aren't used to and don't know anything about? You can use your own ISP to access the Internet when staying in hotels on business trips. It is also a great way to save money and take advantage of your own Internet access - which you are already paying for.

3. Top Hotels with Internet Access

Finding hotels with Internet access is much easier now than in previous years but be sure to read all the fine print before deciding which hotel to stay at. Free high-speed Internet access is always a bonus for mobile professionals and while many hotels offer free Internet access in public areas, guest room Internet access may be fee-based.

4. Share Internet Access With One Connection

While on business trips or attending conferences, there may not always be multiple Internet connections available for all participants to take advantage of. Using a Wireless Access Point/Router you can share Internet access with co-workers during meetings or conferences in locations where there is just one Internet connection such as a hotel.

5. Stay Safe in Hotels

Staying in a hotel is part of a mobile professinals way of life. Having your mobile gear stolen while staying in a hotel, is not an event you'd like to have happen. Protect yourself and your mobile gear with these steps to ensure safety.

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