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Business Travel Advice for Working on the Road


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Working on the Road

Get your travel docs and gear in order

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Staying connected and working while traveling are getting easier and easier, with tech conveniences like free wi-fi at hotels and laptop power outlets at airports becoming the norm. Get the scoop on your connection options and best practices when working at a hotel, on an airplane, or on a ship.

Preparing for Business Travel

Before you hit the road, prepare for traveling with your mobile equipment by considering the following needs:

  • Safety: Follow standard mobile security precautions like never leaving your devices unattended, backing up all data before heading out, and removing or encrypting sensitive data in case of loss or theft.

  • Packing: Don't forget to bring along accessories like headphones or chargers for your laptop or other mobile devices. Make a packing list or use our printable pre-made travel checklist ... and check it twice.

  • Mobile Data: Call your cellular service provider if you'll be traveling with a data-enabled cell phone or other mobile device to make sure you won't be charged unexpected data roaming fees and that your device will work at your final destination.

  • Wireless Internet Access: Before you head off, it may also be a good idea to look up free wireless hotspots located at your destination, if where you will be staying doesn't provide Internet access.

  • Mobile Broadband or Cell Phone Tethering: Another option for Internet on the go is a setting up mobile broadband (cellular high speed Internet service) for your laptop or using your cell phone as a modem. Set these plans up and get the hardware/software needed before you head off, if you need Internet access wherever you are.
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