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How To Tether Your Cell Phone Using PdaNet


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PdaNet Tethering App
PdaNet Android app for tethering

PdaNet Android app for tethering

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Tethering with PdaNet: An Overview

PdaNet is a free app (available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and other mobile platforms) that you can use to turn your smartphone into a modem for your laptop. Tethering capabilities mean you'll never have to worry about finding a wi-fi hotspot or be in range of a wireless access point -- as long as you have cellular data coverage (3G/4G), you'll be able to work online on your laptop wherever you are.

The screenshots here use the Android version as an example (Android 2.1 and Windows 7). PdaNet's Android version enables tethering via USB cable as well as over Bluetooth DUN (Dial-Up Networking). Although you can use PdaNet for free, the full version ($23.95) allows you to access secure web sites after the trial period ends.

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