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Top 4 Desktop Microphones


Telecommuters can use desktop microphones when they need to participate in a videoconference or using other VOIP programs. Having the ability to speak with co-workers or supervisors is important for telecommuters. You should always ensure that your microphone has some type of background noise reduction feature and a mute button, so that you can control what noises are heard on the other side.

1. Logitech DT Microphone

The Logitech desktop microphone has a mute switch for privacy, noise-canceling filters and can pivot on it's base. It can be used for web conferences, VOiP and with instant messaging programs. Stay connected in with an economical solution.
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2. Labtec Verse 524 Desktop Microphones

This desktop microphone can filter out background noise and can be muted. The boom of the microphone is adjustable, the base provides great support since it is weighted. The microphone is unidirectional so you won't need to have it right in front of your mouth while speaking. If you have the desk space, this style of microphone will work well.
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3. Cyber Acoustics Desktop Microphone

This is a high quality, high output desktop microphone for personal computers. It features a uni-directional, noise canceling microphone element. Certified by both IBM Via Voice and Dragon Naturally Speaking this is the ideal microphone for telecommuters using voice recognition software.
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4. Koss M-18 Omni-Directional Desktop Microphone

This desktop microphone has a lifetime warranty and makes a great home office accessory. It can be used for voice activated and voice recognition software in addition to web conferencing. The Koss M-18 can be used hands-free or held in your hand if you prefer. The microphone is omni-directional which improves sensitivity and pick up pattern.
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