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Get More from Your Phone


Here are a variety of services that are offered which allow you to get more functionality from your cell phone while traveling. The level and type of service vary with each company, some have additional programs beyond just voicemail to message capabilities.

1. CallWave

CallWave provides a variety of services which include Vtxt Voicemail which converts your voice messages to text and can be sent to your cell phone or read online via a web-based PhonePage. Right now this service is free during its beta period. Callwave also have a faxing solution that lets you use any cell phone or computer connected to the Internet to send faxes and save paper. It's a convenient alternative to send documents quickly. Their other service which is useful to mobile workers is Internet Answering Machine. Now where ever you happen to be working - you don't need to worry about missing calls or being disturbed while working. You can screen calls, see who is calling and either take the call or let it go through to voice mail.

2. SpinVox

The SpinVox service converts voice messages to text and can be used from any phone. The do offer a 7 day free trial and pricing is based on number of conversions per month. Limits are based on the number of conversions or having the paid service each month. BlackBerry users can't use SpinVox yet but they are planning to have a plug-in available at a later date.

3. DictoMail by Admiral

Voicemail to text messaging, displays caller ID, can reply by email, works with carriers in Canada, US and Puerto Rico and you can dictate messages to yourself.
  • Gold Level - 49.95/month - 15 sec recording time, 200 char limit per message, 2 destination emails, caller ID is optional, setup is $30
  • Platinum - 59.95/month, 30 sec recording time, 400 chars per message, unlimited destination emails, caller ID included, setup $10
  • Titanium - 7995/month, 120 sec recording time, 800 char per msg, unlimited destination emails, caller ID included, no set up charge

4. PhoneWire Voicemail

This service allows mobile workers to have their voicemail messages converted into text messages. The conversion process is done by real people and does not use voice recognition software. The voice message is still available for listening to later if you need.

5. SimulScribe

Simulscribe will send converted voice messages by text to your cell phone, SmartPhone or to an email address. SimulScribe is currently available for carriers in the U.S. and Canada. SimulScribe offers a web-based interface to allow you to organize and keep track of voice messages received. Audio files of the voice message are stored online in the voicemail system or sent to you by email.

6. Mobile Email

Copytalk has two levels of service available for mobile workers to select from. Both choices let you listen to and reply to messages. There is a 1 minute limit for replies. The basic Listen and Reply service lets provides 1 minute per topic and no limit on the number of replies you send. Email Plus allows 20 dictations per month and lets you send new emails in addition to replies. You can dictate from any phone and have your mail read to you from any location.

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