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Top 4 Organizers For Mobile Workers


Staying organised is one of the challenges faced by mobile workers. Not only do we balance work deadlines and onsite meetings, but we must be ready to handle family events. Whether you prefer a paper-based system or electronic system, the key to being a successfully organised mobile worker is to use your organiser. Remember, there is no point carrying around another item just to be trendy.

1. Day Runner Home Office Organizers

This company provides a paper based organisation system. The 8 1/2" x 11" size pages is ideal for a home office. These organisers include calendars, business card holders, To-Do lists and refills. The organiser itself is available in a variety of colours and materials.
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2. Mobile Office Organizers

Don't lose important files or other materials while on the road. These organizers will help you stay neat and keep your work secure. The smaller size is easier to pack with your other mobile gear.
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3. Day Timer Organizers

Day Timer provides both a paper based system and software that runs on electronic organisers which you can keep synchronised. There are a variety of sizes available to suit your particular needs. You can make sure that you don't miss any deadlines with this system.
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4. At-A-Glance Reversible/Erasable Calendars

If you don't require the extras provided by the Day Timer or Day Runner organisers, this style of calendar may be the solution for you. If you like to keep notes and information close and easily accessible, desk calendars make it easy. Desk calendars can provide a place to jot down notes and ideas as they occur.
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