1. Technology

WISPs - Wi-Fi Service Providers

Directory of companies that provide Wi-Fi Internet Service, including mobile broadband, to the public.


Provides software and wireless Internet access. Their software allows you to detect Wi-Fi networks and connect. They provide Wi-Fi access for laptop and Pocket PC users. The software is free to download.

BT Openzone

Providing wi-fi access in Ireland and the UK in public hotspots such as payphone kiosks, service areas, cafes and pubs.

T-Mobile Packages

T-Mobile offer unlimited and specific time Wi-Fi access packages. The unlimited packages are the only ones that offer roaming at participating locations.


Wayport provides wi-fi access in a variety of locations from airports, hotels to selected McDonald's locations. You have a choice of Pay as you go, Prepaid connection card or a full membership. Wayport also offers 24/7 Technical Assistance.
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