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Home Office Design Examples

Create a Functional and Organized Workspace


Tired of working in your home office because it's not working for you? View these examples which utilize a variety of home office furniture arrangements and room shapes.

You aren't working in a cubicle anymore so let your personality and personal preferences to the way you work best guide you in creating your ultimate home office. The best perk of a home office is when the layout isn't working or you just want a change - it's easy to re-arrange your home office without worrying about getting permission from your boss or co-workers.
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Strip/Basic Home Office LayoutStrip/Basic Home Office Layout SampleCorner Home Office Layout SampleUsing a Corner Layout for a Home OfficeCorridor Home Office LayoutSample Corridor Home Office LayoutL Shape Home Office Design SampleL-Shape Home Office Design
L Shaped Corridor Home Office LayoutUse an L Shaped Corridor for a Home OfficeSample Home Office Layout in a Round RoomGo in Circles in Your Home OfficeT Shaped Home Office DesignSample Home Office - T Shape LayoutT Shaped Room Home Office T Shaped Rooms Offer Home Office Potential
U Shaped Home Office DesignSample U-Shape Home Office Layout
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