1. Technology

Sample Home Office Designs for Telecommuters

Use these ideas and samples when planning your home office. Telecommuters can use a variety of ideas to create the ideal home office.

Home Office Design Examples

View a variety of home office design examples to get ideas for your arranging your home office. Create a functional and well organized workspace for your home office.

Making Office Space Work for Two

Creating a functional home office space that works for two people.

Sample U-Shape Home Office Layout

U-shaped home offices work well for shared spaces and can provide space for storage.

Sample T-Shape Home Office Layout

Using a T-Shaped home office allows for more than one person to work and provides maximum workspace.

Home office layouts - Strip/Basic Layout

When space is at a premium for a home office, the strip layout is most effective.

Know How to Plan for Your Home Office

Important points to keep in mind while you are planning your home office location.

Sample Home Office - L Shape Layout

Using an L-shape home office layout makes the most of the space you have available.

Going to the Corner - Use Corners for Home Offices

Corner spaces make ideal locations for home offices especially when space is at a premium.

Long and Narrow Spaces

Creative ideas for a home office layout using a corridor or hallway provides you with a good workspace.

Home Office Makeover

Here's a quick and easy way to update your home office and give it a fresh new look.

Home & Garden Television: Another Home Office Makeover

See how this home office was improved just by changing the layout and adding bold colours. Details are provided for the changes made.
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