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Top 10 Home Office Plan & Design Books


With my home office still a work in progress, I've found it very helpful to have a variety of books for reference. These include books on planning the layout of your home office to designing and building your own home office furniture. With the ideas I've found and pictures of sample home offices, I'll soon have my ideal home office complete.

1. The Home Office Planner

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This book presents different office looks using split pages. You can mix and match colours and styles to find something that suits you. The book contains two grid layouts, standard and metric measurements that you can place the provided cutouts on. It's very useful for deciding what type of desk style and other furnishings you may want.
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2. A Portfolio of Home Office Ideas

From very basic office layouts in small spaces to more complex dedicated home offices, this book provides you with views of a variety of home office styles. When you are beginning from scratch and want real inspiration, this book will give you plenty of ideas. This book also includes lighting ideas, window treatments and other key factors to creating your perfect home office.
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3. At Work At Home

Excellent pictures of home offices and notes explaining how and why different ideas were used make this book a great reference. Even though some offices may be out of reach for most people, the creative ideas are sure to spark your own imagination. It's a most enjoyable book to refer to and just enjoy the home office photos.

4. A Portfolio of Lighting Ideas

An element that is sometimes forgotten when planning a home office are the lighting requirements. While not all lighting solutions in this book are suitable for home offices, there are plenty of lighting arrangements that can be adapted to a home office. The use of different fixtures can create different atmospheres within your home office.
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5. Ideas for Great Home Offices

This book not only includes information for creating your home office but ergonomic, organization and shopping guides. With these resources you'll be certain to have your ideal home office. Photos help complement the print information and allow you to see what is being written about.
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6. Home Office Life: Making a Space to work at home

The author not only includes new home office ideas but shows some home office makeovers that can be very helpful for those with existing home offices. Again photos help add to the enjoyment of this book and making ideas more easily understood.
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7. Building the Custom Home Office

Nothing can be more enjoyable than knowing that your home office furnishings are truly unique and that you built them. Or had them built for you. With the ideas in this book and the instructions included, you'll be able to have a truly customized home office with furniture that fits you exactly.
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8. Desks

Is there just one style of desk or does something a little different appeal to you? When you have a book that includes plans and instructions to build your own desk, you will be able to make sure your desk has exactly what you need.
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9. Build Your Own Home Office Furniture

Part of the luxury of a home office is that you can design and build every element, and that includes your home office furniture. This book will provide you with ideas and show you how to build your dream office.
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10. Finishing Basements and Attics

Starting from scratch? If you are taking advantage of currently unused space in a basement or attic, this book will help you. With information that covers the basics and then goes into more detail, you could have your ideal home office without having to break the bank or go beyond your means.
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