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At Work At Home

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The Bottom Line

This book is wonderful to read and admire the home offices displayed in it. For most of us, these offices are outside our budgets. You might find ideas that can be incorporated into your budget and plans though.
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  • Inspiring Ideas.
  • Creative home office solutions.
  • Variety of uses covered.


  • Some solutions are very costly.


  • Hard cover, coffee table style book.
  • Full colour pictures with great photos of small details.
  • Great resource for brainstorming your own home office.

Guide Review - At Work At Home

Neal Zimmerman, an architect based in Connecticut specialises in workplace planning and design. His newest book provides a showcase of home office designs.

While many of the designs for home offices contained in this book are beyond the means of the average telecommuter, Mr. Zimmerman does provide additional information and reasoning behind the plans. You may find ideas that help you design and plan your office using parts of the offices in the book.

The photos in the book are incredible and very enjoyable to look through and imagine the possibilities. If you already have a home office and want suggestions on improving your space, then this book can provide you with inspiration and unique solutions for storage and layout.

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