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Top 7 Laptop Security Cables


Using a laptop security cable just may be one of the easiest methods of laptop security and protecting against theft. Laptop security cables can be and should be used in any location where you may have to leave your laptop such as your hotel room or co-worker's office. Never leave a laptop, even when secured, in an unlocked room. You can even use the laptop security cable to attach your notebook to your laptop case for additional security. This is one mobile accessory to never forget.

1. Belkin Notebook Security Lock

The Belkin Notebook security lock allows you to secure your notebook computer in any location. You can even lock your laptop into your laptop bag. The Belkin lock cable is 6 feet of aircraft-grade steel cable and the lock has two keys. The Belkin security lock has a lifetime warranty and enables you to quickly and easily secure your laptop computer.
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2. Mobile Edge SecuriCable Combo Lock

The 4 digit combo SecuriCable lock provides mobile professionals with a security cable which is connected to your laptop via the VGA or serial port. You bolt the lock cable into place and then slide a metal cover over the connection. It uses a metal to metal connection which makes it very difficult to remove without using the combination. This combo locks comes with a 1 yr warranty.
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3. Kensington Notebook ComboSaver™ Security Cable

The Kensington notebook ComboSaver™ Security Cable allows you to use a combination lock rather than key system to secure your notebook. The ComboSaver™ featues a T-bar lock and attaches to most notebooks. The small, one-piece design makes it easy to use and harder for someone to break.
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4. Kensington MicroSaver® Security Cable

The MicroSaver® Security Cable uses a key locking system. The lock is titanium reinforced for added durability and tamper resistance. The 6ft steel composite cable has Kevlar brand fiber to increase the protection offered. The lock is head is small - 0.7" long and will not interfere with notebook ports or lifting the laptop up.
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5. PC Guardian Notebook Combolock Security Cable

The PC Guardian Notebook Combolock security cable has a resettable 10,000 combination lock and is easy to use and store. It has a lifetime warranty. It has a stainless steel swivel head, hardened steel hook and chrome-plated zinc cable collar. The security cable itself is constructed of galvanized steel with a black PVC coating. A spacebar is included to ensure a snug and secure fit to your laptop.
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6. PC Guardian Slimline Security Cable Lock

The PC Guardian Slimline security cable lock is ideal for ultraportable notebooks. The lock meachanism protects against prying, rotating and twisting the lock from the security slot. The Slimline security cable is 20% narrower than the Notebook Guardian. The Slimline security cable is available in different key possibilities and comes with two keys.
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7. Targus DEFCON CL Cable and Lock Notebook Security

The cable on the Targus DEFCON is 6.5" cut-resistant, galvanized steel which can be secured to any object and your notebook's lock slot. The combination lock is user-settable and there are up to 10,000 possible settings.
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