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Mobile Security and Privacy: VPN, Remote Access, & Mobile Security Tips

Protect your mobile devices and data from loss, cybercrime, and other serious security threats with our mobile security and safety advice, including VPN and remote access information.
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7 Tips for Securing Your Mobile Gear and Data
Is your laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device at risk? Know what you need to do to keep your information and equipment safe from loss, theft, and cybercrime.

How to Encrypt the Data on Your Android Phone or iPhone
Use your phone's built-in encryption to protect the information on it from prying eyes and hackers.

Is My Password Strong Enough?
Guidelines for making sure your password is strong enough and won't be easily hacked.

Best Unlimited Online Backup Services
A look at some of the best online backup tools--Backblaze, Carbonite, and CrashPlan--how they compare in price and features.

Install or Enable Remote Wipe on Your Smartphone Now
The ability to remotely erase your phone data if it gets lost or stolen is a critical security feature to set up. Here's a look at the remote wipe capabilities on various smartphones.

How to Encrypt Your Files with TrueCrypt
Easy step-by-step directions on how to protect your files and folders with the free, open-source encryption program TrueCrypt.

Recover a Stolen Laptop with Anti-Theft Software
Stop computer theft with these free and inexpensive laptop tracking applications -- install *before* your laptop gets stolen.

How to Backup Your Gmail
Set up a backup system for your Gmail account to make sure you can always access (and will never lose) your important emails.

How to Back Up All Your Google Data and Transfer Your Google Reader Feeds
Make sure all your Google data is safe by saving it to a file. You can use the Google Reader information to transfer your feeds to another RSS service.

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication is a more secure way of connecting to your accounts (and preventing hackers from getting into them). Here's how and why to set it up.

iTwin Review
Review and rating of the iTwin USB device for secure file sharing and remote file access over the Internet.

Introduction to Wireless Network Security
Wireless network security in 6 easy steps, from About.com's Guide to Internet / Network Security. Learn how to protect your wireless network and the devices that connect wirelessly in your home.

Creating Strong Passwords
How to create strong passwords that you can still remember, from About.com's Guide to Internet / Network Security.

Free Software for Computer and Network Security
An exhaustive list of all types of free security tools and utilities, including free antivirus software, anti-spam software, network monitoring software, personal firewalls, and more.

Stolen Laptop - What to Do If Your Laptop Is Stolen Video
Watch this video for tips on how to protect your personal information if your laptop is ever stolen.

Disable Ad Hoc Network Connections on Your Laptop
Use this step by step to disable the capability for your laptop to connect to ad hoc networks.

Secure Backup
Profile Spare Backup which is a service that provides secure online backup for your data and other important files on your computer from any location.

Enabling Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall
Learn how to enable the built-in firewall protection in Windows XP to keep your data secure on the road.

Lost or Stolen Laptops - User Experiences
Have you ever lost a laptop or had it stolen? Did you get it back? Share your experience with others here.

NIST Guide to Enterprise Telework and Remote Access Security
An in-depth (46-page PDF) guide to security considerations and setup for remote access and telework technologies, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Also includes advice on creating telework security policies.

5 Golden Rules to Ensure Safe Remote Access in Your Business
Discover the 5 golden rules for safe remote access in your company. Find out about writing and enforcing a remote access policy, and what types of encryption keep your data secure.

How to Work from a Coffee Shop or Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
Stay productive and keep your data safe when working from a coffee shop with these important tips.

5 Great Password Managers
Use a password manager to securely store all your many online and computer passwords. Find out which one is best for you with this roundup of password manager apps.

How to Control an Android Device from Afar with Android Device Manager
Lost or stolen phone or tablet? No problem! From any web browser, locate the device, change the password, and even wipe it completely.

3 Steps to Protect Your Data from the NSA, According to Edward Snowden
Keep your information secure and private, safe from the NSA and other prying eyes, with these steps and free tools.

The 3 Best VPN Services That Protect Your Privacy and Security
Everyone should be using a VPN. Here are three of the best ones available.

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