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Top Compact Laptop Desks or Stands

Mobile and portable laptop stands to work comfortably anywhere


You don't need a full-blown, furnished home office to get your work done at home. With a compact and mobile laptop stand, you've got options for where in your home you want to work (even from your couch or bed). The laptop stands below provide a sturdy work surface that you can move out of the way or to different rooms as needed. Another bonus: these small stands also offer small prices (compared to typical desks) ranging, as of this writing, from around $50 to $200. ~ December 4, 2011

1. Mayline Laptop Computer Caddy/Stand

Mayline Laptop Stand
This compact laptop caddy/stand features a split top: the laptop side tilts so you can adjust for a more ergonomic typing angle, and the other side is fixed, for holding your mouse, paperwork, and/or coffee. The laptop tray part, measuring 19.75 inches by 15 inches (width x depth), has rubber stops to keep your laptop or papers from falling off. You can easily adjust the mobile laptop caddy from 27 inches high to 38 inches, and the three casters are lockable. It's a sturdy stand (30-pound weight capacity) for your laptop that rolls out of the way.
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2. Tiffany Industries Laptop Computer Caddy

Tiffany Industries Laptop Stand
The Mayline laptop computer caddy can also be found under the name Tiffany Industries, and comes in a medium cherry finish for the MDF laminate work surface. The specs and features are the same as above. This is the laptop stand I own, actually; the wood finish looks very good and the required home assembly is not at all hard.
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3. Techni Mobili Adjustable Mobile Laptop Cart with Storage

Techni Mobili Adjustable Mobile Laptop Cart
This mobile laptop cart can be used as a standing desk to help you avoid the health concerns about sitting all day at a desk (standing instead of sitting benefits your posture, circulation, and can even make you more productive). The laptop stand is height-adjustable from 35 inches to 44 inches. It's built out of MDF, with laminated PVC for the surface, and reviews around the web say the mobile cart is very sturdy. You also have room in this compact stand to store some books, discs, or supplies. Finally, it's one of the more inexpensive standing laptop desks you can buy, with a list price of just $75 (offered for less online).
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4. Sharper Image Foldable Table Laptop Cart

Sharper Image Foldable Table Laptop Cart
Another adjustable mobile laptop cart, this one byt RTA Products/Sharper Image has two unique side panels that fold closed: space-saving when you're not workong on your laptop. The laptop stand also features five casters for easier moving around. The steel frame can be adjusted from 26 inches to 36 inches, and the laptop surface fits laptops up to 16.5 inches wide (good for laptops with 15-inch displays or under).
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5. Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand

Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand
This adjustable laptop cart is a bit more expensive (about $180 as of this writing) but it serves as a more complete mobile workstation that can hold not just your laptop, but also a printer, paper work, and other accessories. The height- and angle-adjustable copy holder shown in the picture is also included. Since the cart is easily rotated 180 degrees and the work surface has a wide range of angles, this laptop stand is good for both right-handers and lefties.
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6. Tabletote Portable Compact Laptop Stand

Tabletote - Portable Compact Lightweight Laptop Notebook Stand
The Tabletote is an inexpensive, lightweight stand for your laptop that folds up small enough to fit in your briefcase and weighs under 3 pounds, which makes this laptop stand ideal for people who travel or wish to work on their laptops in unusual locations, like the backyard. With telescoping aluminum legs that adjust from 12 inches to 29 inches, this laptop stand can also be used as a table in bed. The work surface also expands with a pull-out panel, which means room for your coffee, portable projector, or other small items. A document holder is also included.
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