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Fujitsu LifeBook S7010D

Mobility is easy

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Mobile workers need laptops which offer them a variety of connection options, data security and comfortable data input. The Fujitsu LifeBook S7010D provides that in an ultra-portable and sturdy design. This laptop is a good choice for mobile workers. I enjoyed my time with the S7010D and like what it offers mobile workers.

Out of the Box

The review unit I received was ready to use right out of the box. The keyboard was comfortable to use and using the touchpad and mouse buttons made it easy to navigate through documents or the Internet. The review unit came with Microsoft Works which provides basic tools for mobile workers to create documents and other data while on the road. The LifeBook S7010D also has 4 programmable one-touch application buttons which make working with programs pretty much effortless. You can access programs quickly and with ease.

The LifeBook S7010D also has 3 USB ports which is very beneficial for mobile workers, you're not likely to require the use of a USB hub in order to run other mobile peripherals. Which means of course one less gadget to carry.

I have read reviews that criticize the display on the S7010D but it's important to remember that this laptop is meant for mobile workers and not gamers or people who work heavily with graphics. The display indoors or outdoors was quite good for working on documents or using the Internet.

Getting Connected

Probably the most important feature of the LifeBook for mobile workers is the number of connection options available. The Fujitsu LifeBook S7010D has enough connection options that mobile workers needn't worry about not being able to connect to the Internet or company network.

I had no problems making connections using any of the connection options. The LifeBook S7010D has a manual switch for Wi-Fi which is handy, if you forget to turn off the Wi-Fi through the software.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Data security is another important factor for mobile workers and with three levels of security the S7010D makes it easy to protect data and not have to worry about installing additional programs. The first level of security is the Fujitsu Trusted Platform Module. This is an embedded security tool which checks and validates the computer platform and system profile. It also remembers passwords.

The next security level is the Smart Card Reader and the third level is an integrated security panel which allows a mobile user to create a password totally unique to them. There are 800,000 or more possible passwords which can be created.

Battery Life and Additional Options

I was very pleased with the battery life, and how long I was able to work totally unwired. It was very handy being able to boot up and work without worrying the battery would run out. Granted I did keep the laptop plugged in whenever I wasn't using it but that is just a good habit to get into for any mobile worker. With the option of having an extra battery, it pretty much doubles the operating time to 8.5 hours and that should be quite sufficient for mobile workers.

Additional options that can be purchased are a USB Floppy Disk Drive and a Port Replicator. Both items can be useful for mobile workers.

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