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Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops Under A Grand


Ultra portable laptops weigh under 5 pounds. They are perfect for mobile office professionals. Long battery and the fact these laptops are so light and compact make it easy for mobile users to work on the road. One thing to keep in mind with ultra portables is that screen size, keyboards and mouse controls are small, and that can take adjusting to. This selection in this price range may not give you state of the art technology, but will enable you to work on the road at a reasonable price.

1. Averatec AV3225HS Notebook

The Averatec offers mobile professionals who need to watch the bottom-line a laptop which offers Wi-Fi as well as other connectioin options. The DVD/CD-RW combo drive can come in usual when documents or presentations need to be copied. Weighing in at just 4.2lbs, this is a compact and lightweight notebook.
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2. Apple iBOOK M9426LLA Notebook

At 4.9lbs, this laptop provides a mobile user with a 30GB hard drive, 1GHz processor and 12.1-inch display. It has a built in ethernet adapter and fax/modem. With an estimated battery life of 6 hours, this notebook will be very beneficial to mobile professionals.
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3. Fujitsu LifeBook S2020 Notebook

This is a thin and light laptop which weighs just 4lbs. It offers Wi-Fi, Ethernet, iRDA and a modem for a wide variety of connection options for mobile workers. Battery life is only estimated at 3 hours so go for a back-up battery or ensure you have a power source handy.
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4. HP (Hewlett-Packard) NC4000

The HP NC4000 weighs just 3.5lbs and is a true thin and light notebook. A full-size keyboard makes entering large amounts of data easy and comfortable. Optical and floppy drives are sold separately and require additional components. This notebook does have Ethernet, iRDA and a modem for connections.
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5. IBM ThinkPad X24 Notebook

The IBM X24 weighs just 3.8lbs and that's light enough to travel anywhere with it. It has Wi-Fi, Ethernet, iRDA and a modem for making connections wherever you may be working. Battery life is estimated at 4 hours which isn't too bad.
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