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Top 7 Mobile Laptop Desk Stands


Mobile laptop desk stand are portable and easily carried with your other mobile gear. They provide a way for mobile professionals to work safely with their laptops in any situation where they need a stable work surface. You can use a mobile laptop desk stand while waiting for flights, trains or while in meetings or waiting for meetings. Mobile laptop desk stands are available in lightweight versions and more ruggedized versions to suit your needs.

1. Portable Laptop Desk - Model 500

The Model 500 is suited for laptops that don't exceed 13" wide. You have a choice of a plastic or wooden desktop surface. The Model 500 will fit into your laptop case and can be used whenever you need a stable work surface. The legs are adjustable and constructed of anodized aluminum alloy. The Model 500 supports up to 25lbs and can be adjusted up to a height of 35 inches.

2. Model 1000 Portable Laptop Desk

This portable laptop desk is ideal for large screen laptops. It easily folds in half for transporting and fits inside your laptop case or other baggage. It also has its own accessory bag. The legs are constructed of anodized aluminum alloy and the work surface is your choice of plastic or wood. Height can be adjusted from 18 inches to 35 inches.

3. CR3 insTand Portable Laptop Desk

The insTand can be used in sitting or standing positions. It can be adjusted from 19 to 41 inches high and weighs just 26 ounces. It folds into a very compact size and will fit into most laptop cases quite easily. The work surface is 11 inches by 13 inches and has a non-skid surface. The insTand includes a leatherette carry bag.

4. Flighttable Portable Laptop Desks

The Flightable portable desks include a carry-on case which makes it a true mobile office work station. The Model C-1000E Computer Pac includes accessory pockets inside the carry-on bag for your specialized mobile gear. These carry-ons comply with the 22 inch boarding size for baggage regulations.

5. Table Tote

This portable laptop desk can be set up quickly and easily. It will fit into most laptop cases and is just 10.5 inches wide x 13" long and 1 1/8 inch thick. The work surface is extendable which creates a larger work space. The Table Tote will hold up to 18 pounds and weighs less than 2.5 pounds. It includes a mouse pad and document holder. The height adjusts from 13 to 30 inches.

6. Compu-Pod

Available in a Jr., Heavy Duty and Ultimate version, the Compu-Pod offers a portable laptop desk solution for all types of mobile professionals. They collapse for easy carrying and the top can be tilted for increased comfort. The pedestal also rotates so if you need to share information it is easily accomplished. The Compu-Pod heavy duty weighs 10lbs and the Jr. weighs 3lbs. The Ultimate Compu-Pod can hold up to 150lbs.

7. Fox Bay Tripod Laptop Stand

The Fox Bay tripod laptop stand is rugged and can be used equally easy indoors or outdoors. The minimum height is 27 inches and the maximum height is 45 inches. It uses a laptop clamp system to securely hold your laptop in place yet allow you to tile the laptop for ease of use. The tripod laptop stand weighs 10lbs.
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