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SmartStand Mobile Laptop Desk

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SmartStand Mobile Laptop Desk

SmartStand Mobile Laptop Desk

Catherine Roseberry

The Bottom Line

The SmartStand provides another option for mobile professionals to use their laptops in tight spaces. It's compact and easy to carry in your laptop case when not in use and it's variety of angles it can be positioned in are a great benefit. Working on an airplane is often the most difficult place to use a laptop as you have to contend with the person sitting in front of you - the SmartStand lets you adjust it so your laptop is always at the best viewing angle.


  • Fits any size laptop.
  • Very compact and portable - fits in any laptop case.
  • Non-skid base won't slip.
  • Ergonomic Design.


  • None


  • Dimensions: 11"x11"x1/2" thick when folded.
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • 5 different height adjustments (Highest elevated height for laptop is 5").
  • 4 non-skid rubber feet on base.
  • Includes 2 retaining lip extension clips for thicker laptops.

Guide Review - SmartStand Mobile Laptop Desk

The SmartStand is a sturdy and compact laptop stand which makes it easy for mobile professionals to work in any location. I found the slim profile of the SmartStand made it easy to pack in any of my laptop cases and it didn't take up a lot of space.

It is easy to set up and get running with your laptop. Speaking of laptops - the SmartStand is able to handle any size of laptop from ultraportable to desktop replacement size. There are two included extension clips which attach securely to extend the height of the retaining lip.

I was pleased to find that the SmartStand does not slip on any surface that I tried it on. This included wood, metal and even an angled tray. The thick rounded rubber feet keep the SmartStand in place quite nicely. Using a tray table I simulated the different angles that might be faced when on an airplane to see how well I could continue using the SmartStand. It has 5 different angles of adjustment and once a position is selected it stays in place securely. It is also quite easy to adjust the angle even when your laptop is in place on the SmartStand. You don't have to worry about having an extra set of arms to change positions.

Another benefit the SmartStand provides and which is quite important for the laptop is it provides a way for air to circulate around the laptop so that it won't overheat.

The SmartStand is a great addition to your mobile gear and it will help you work more comfortably, position your laptop more ergonomically and keep it cool.

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