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LapDawg™ X4 Laptop Stand

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LapDawg™ X4 Laptop Stand

LapDawg™ X4 Laptop Stand


The Bottom Line

The LapDawg™ X4 is a new and interesting designed laptop stand that allows mobile professionals to have a little more freedom when using their laptops. The LapDawg™ X4 is certainly useful and can be easily moved within one location, it might be a little more difficult to travel with. When completely folded up it can fit into a very small space for storage until needed again. If you want a laptop stand solution that has flexibility then the LapDawg™ X4 may be worth considering.


  • Can be used in a variety of configurations.
  • Provides laptop users with a way to work comfortably and safely.


  • Takes time to learn how to get supports properly in position.
  • Can be wobbly with heavier laptops.
  • Rubberized bumper can block access to front end ports and vents.


  • Weighs 5.29 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19" long x 9.5" deep, legs extend to 22".
  • Constructed from anodized aluminum.
  • One side is completely smooth with rounded edge.
  • The other side has small ridged sections and alternating smooth sections with a ridged rubber bumper on the edge.

Guide Review - LapDawg™ X4 Laptop Stand

The LapDawg™ X4 is certainly an interesting concept for a laptop stand. I really like that it can be configured in different ways and lets you work where you are most comfortable.

It does take some time to get used to the push button locks used to adjust the legs and you should take some time to arrange them a few times before using it with your laptop. Once you've spent some time adjusting the legs, you'll find it goes much quicker to adjust to the configuration you want. This way you can be certain that your laptop will be properly supported and the legs are as straight as necessary.

I did find it worked best with my MacBook, the size of the work surface was just right for the 13.3" MacBook and I could even use a mouse with it. The rubberized bumper on the front did prevent my MacBook from slipping forward.

When I used my 15.4" Windows notebook I did find that the front bumper did block access to my Card Reader, mic and headphone ports and vents. I did try to rest the laptop on the top of the bumpers but that did not work and the laptop would slide forward.

I felt more comfortable using the LapDawg™ X4 with my smaller notebook, the larger notebook didn't feel as comfortable or that it was as steady on the LapDawg™ X4.

It was nice having one solution that could be used in a variety of ways with just a few adjustments. I could easily work in the room of my choice and not worry about how to keep my notebook steady. On the LapDawg™ X4 web site, they do say that you can use the box that the LapDawg™ X4 ships in as a way to carry your LapDawg™ X4 laptop stand while traveling but I don't really recommend that. It is a cardboard box which can be damaged easily and is a bit awkward to carry for any distance. Nice concept though, perhaps a canvas tote may be in the future?

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Great design but very flimsy joints, Member jdmmmmm

As much as I like the design, I cannot recommend this product. I used it periodically for about 10 months and liked it a lot. One of the plastic movable joints just broke and now it's worthless. There's only a 30 day warranty - and now I know why. I would consider buying another if they stopped using cheap plastic for the joints. At $130, I think they could deliver a better product.

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