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Infocase Exo L - Harness Ready Laptop Case

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Exo L - Harness Ready Laptop Case by Infocase

Exo L - Harness Ready Laptop Case by Infocase


The Bottom Line

If you ever have to try and balance a laptop with one hand and enter information with the other you know how difficult that is. Practically impossible really. With the Exo L - Harness Ready laptop case you won't have to worry. Your laptop will be held securely and you will have your hands free to type away. This laptop case and user harness are a great idea for anyone that needs to work on the go. It is a lightweight solution to hold your laptop and work with it in a comfortable position.


  • Easy access to slots, drives and ports.
  • Form-fitted design holds laptop securely.
  • No need to remove laptop from case.
  • Hands-free use with User Harness.


  • None


  • Case Weight: 3.4 lbs., Harness Weight: 0.6lbs
  • Maximum Laptop Fit: 13" x 10.75" x 2"
  • Minimum Laptop Fit: 12" x 9.75" x 1"
  • Dimensions (exterior): 14.25" x 12.50" x 2.00"
  • Single pocket to hold laptop and accessories.
  • Has 4 D-rings on the base for use with the User Harness
  • Includes an attached carry handle and shoulder strap. User Harness is an optional accessory.
  • Available in three sizes: M, L, XL

Guide Review - Infocase Exo L - Harness Ready Laptop Case

When I first received the Exo L - Harness Ready laptop case and User Harness, I was a little skeptical that it could hold my laptop securely, keep it in a comfortable position and be easy to set up.

No need to worry, the design of the laptop case and the harness have been well thought out and I was quite impressed with how tightly the case holds my laptop, even while walking.

The case is very snug fitting, so don't be surprised if it takes you some time to get your laptop positioned properly. There are fasteners to hold your laptop in place. Follow the included instructions to ensure proper placement.

This laptop case allows the ports and drives to be accessbile while still in the case. It's another way to keep your laptop protected against drops and provides a stable base for working.

The User Harness is a great accessory and anyone who ever has had to do inventory work will appreciate it. Read the instructions for attaching and wearing the harness. Take time to wear it around the house and get used to how it fits. This also enables you time to make sure that the harness is adjusted at the right height for using the laptop.

The harness is very comfortable and balances the weight of the laptop without putting strain on shoulders or back.

When you aren't using the harness, you can carry the Exo L by the attached carry handle or use the shoulder strap.

I do recommend this laptop case and harness for mobile professionals who require a way to carry and use their laptop safely.

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