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Top 10 Wired Laptop Mice


Mobile professionals looking for a mouse suited to small environments will find that these mice fit the bill. Compact, easy to pack and most of all, these mice don't require a lot of space to use. You may have to try a variety of wired laptop mice to find the one that suits your style and comfort level best.

1. Kensington PocketMouse Mini

Using a mouse can ease frustration and ensure more accuracy when working on the road. Using the Kensington PocketMouse Mini was very beneficial especially in lowlight conditions. It's a smooth operating mouse and it's compact size is a real boon for mobile workers.

2. Microsoft Notebook Mouse Optical USB

The Microsoft mouse has been designed to be used comfortably with either left or right hand. With the mouse using optical technology it is even more beneficial for mobile professionals as you can use the mouse on any surface. The scroll wheel also makes it easy to navigate documents or web pages and you don't need a lot of room to use the mouse.
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3. Creative Mouse Notebook Optical 3500 Compact

This mouse has a retractable USB cable and uses optical technology so that you can use it on any surface. The Creative Mouse has been designed for use with either hand and includes a scroll wheel. You don't require additional drivers as this mouse is supported by Windows and installs quickly.
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4. macally Mini Mouse USB PS2 Mouse

This mouse is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, which is very handy if you move between Mac and Windows environments during your day. It's ergonomic design is only for right-handed users only. If you only have one USB port available and need it for another device, this mouse can use a PS2 port.
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5. Nyko 80606 Airflo Mouse

This mouse has a built-in fan to keep the system cool which is great for power users. Users have found it comfortable to use and comfortable to use with either hand. It is a plug and play mouse with no need for extra drivers.
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6. Micro Mobile Optical Mouse

This mouse is for use with IBM compatible PCs and has 5 programmable buttons which can be useful especially when you don't have a lot of room to move the mouse. It uses optical sensing technology which provides for better control as you navigate through applications, documents and the Internet.
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7. Logitech MouseMan Traveler/Optical Mouse

The Logitech MouseMan is a compact and comfortable mouse for mobile professionals. It is designed to be used with either hand on just about any surface. Users of this mouse find that while it is very small, it's not hard to hold or keep a grip on it. Users were also pleased with the finish - brushed metal and nice coating on the mouse. It does with come with an extension cable but users found the cord just the right length without using the extension.
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8. Targus Dual Mode Notebook Mouse

This mouse combines a trackball with an optical mouse. You can switch back and forth easily between trackball mode and traditional mode. One user felt that people with large hands could have problems holding the mouse since it was so small. It comes with a CD with drivers and uses USB only.
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9. IBM Travel Mouse

This mouse is designed to work with IBM compatible laptops with USB ports. It can be used easily by both lefties and right-handed users. It is only 2.5" x 1.94" x 1". A very compact and portable mouse for mobile professionals.
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10. Mitsumi Optical SUSHI Mouse

You can use this mouse on just about any surface and not have to worry about packing a mousepad. The USB cable provides a user with plenty of length so they aren't restricted in their mousing movements. The Sushi mouse is compatible with both Mac and PC systems.
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