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Top 6 Presentation Devices


Nothing can be worse when trying to show a presentation is the fact that you are seen more than the slideshow. Avoid the limelight and stay out of the way by using a remote control presentation device. The models listed below offer mobile professionals compact and portable ways to stay in control and out of sight. Always make sure you have enough extra batteries and take time before your audience arrives to practice running through the presentation.

1. Logitech Cordless 2.4GHz Presenter

You can actually stay out of the limelight with the Logitech Cordless 2.4GHz Presenter, it has an extended 50ft range. You can control the volume and doesn't require any software to operate and it is compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME or XP. You can set it for timed presentations or manually switch through a slideshow. It's compact, lightweight and easy to use. This remote presentation device includes a laser pointer.
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2. SnapStream FireFly PC Remote

Not only can you use this remote from a distance but it will work through walls. In addition to controlling presentations remotely, you can also use it with over 80 media applications such as Microsoft® XP Media Center edition.
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3. Apollo Wireless Presentation Remote

The Apollo wireless remote includes a laser pointer which makes it easy to highlight important points in your presentation. It uses an available USB and is compatible with Windows 98SE or higher and Macs running OS9 or greater. It fits easily in your hand and has 4 buttons to stay in control of your next presentation.
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4. Keyspan Presentation Remote

This presentation remote provides 3 tools in one for mobile professionals. You can wirelessly control your presentations, use the integrated laser point and a full function mouse. You don't have to have another person helping your or get in the way of your presentation to keep things moving smoothly. This presentation remote is plug and play - so you don't have to worry about software or driver issues.
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5. Kensington Wireless Presentation Remote

The Kensington Wireless Presentation Remote uses a wireless USB receiver and doesn't require additional software or drivers to work. The Kensington Wireless Presentation Remote can be used with Mac and Windows systems, which makes it handy while traveling. It includes a built-in laser point so you can highlight important points in your presentation. Dimensions: 4.5"L X 0.75"H X 1.875"W. It uses 2 CR2032 batteries, which are included.
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6. Interlink Electronics REMOTEPOINT RF-Interactive RF Remote Control

The Interlink Electronics REMOTEPOINT RF-Interactive RF Remote Control has 360 degree cursor control and dedicated Slide Forward, Back and Hide keys. You can use this remote device for presentations, web surfing and training seminars. There are 8 unique personalized addresses which are adjustable, so you won't lose control of your presentation. The remote control has backlit keys which makes it easy to see in low-light conditions.
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