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Top 10 Laptop Speakers


While the internal speakers on your laptop may be great for listening to music, using external speakers is important when doing presentations. This way the entire room can hear the presentation. External laptop speakers are also handy when you are participating in a web conference and it's important to hear every participant clearly. This selection of laptop speakers provide a variety of features that will enhance your presentations and make it easier to participate in web conferences.

1. Kensington Pocket Speakers

Kensington Pocket Speakers will truly fit into a pocket and are an excellent accessory for any mobile professional, especially those who are responsible for providing presentations on a regular basis.

2. Creative TRAVELSOUND i300 White Laptop Speakers for Mac

These are a battery-powered, 1-piece, amplified speaker system which are compact & foldable design. They including a universal power adapter and carrying case. They use a digital amplifier for better power efficiency and longer battery life. They support wide stereo effects by making it seem as if your speakers are placed further apart than they really are. They are capable of up to 35 hours continuous speaker playback based on four AAA size.
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3. Sony Ext Speakers for VAIO Notebooks

These are compatible with all VAIO® notebooks. Power is supplied by 12 V DC and they include an AC adaptor and Stereo mini plug cable. Dimensions: 3.5" x 8.2" x 4.9" (WxHxD). These external speakers let you enjoy room-filling sound with Virtual Surround mode.
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4. Sony SRS-T33 Compact Portable Speakers

These laptop speakers can be powered two different ways: 4 AA batteries or optional AC adapter. They can be folded for increased portability and are lightweight. Folded Dimensions: 4""Wx 3 3/8""H x 2""D. Open Dimensions: 8 7/8""W x 3 3/8""H x 2 1/4""D
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5. Cyber Acoustics Silver 1pc Portable Speakers

These laptop speakers are a 1-piece portable speaker system including a shielded cable with 6 foot cord speakers. The Cyber Acoustics laptop speakers have two speakers and a sub-woofer. The LED on/off power indicator, on/off switch and volume control make it easy to operate and handle. They can be used anywhere with its 3.5mm stereo plug, included AC/DC adapter and capability for optional use with four AA batteries.
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6. Labtec SS-11PORTABLE Mini Speakers 2 1/4in Speakers & A 4 Cord

Designed to take advantage of limited space, these laptop speakers have a compact, ergonomic design yet provide clear and powerful sound. The SS-11's unique design has 2 1/4" speakers and a 4' cord.
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7. Sonic Impact Portable Speakers

These lalptop speakers are ideal for presentations. They have surround sound effects which projects sound from both the front and the rear of the speaker panels. The circuits employ the latest 3D surround sound chip technology in combination with a high efficiency class D digital amplifier for low power consumption allowing in excess of 16 hours of battery life. They use any line out of headphone jack.
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8. TDK Blue Carrying Case Portable Speakers (Stereo)

Combine storage with a sound solution with these laptop speakers. The I'MASPEAKER looks just like a normal CD case but has integrated speakers. The I'MASPEAKER can connect to just about any notebook PC. The I'MASPEAKER also includes space for an MP3 player or portable CD player. It has a sturdy, zippered design and soft fabric disc sleeves.
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9. Harman On Tour Portable Music Box

These portable speakers can be used with any stereo mini jack. The Easy touch control increases or decrease the volume. It is easy to mute the system with just a touch on both pads. These laptop speakers have surface gripping rubber feet to provide a stable platform on most surfaces. They also include a universal AC adapter which is ideal for mobile professionals who travel internationally. They also include an audio input cable.
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10. Sonic Impact Si 5 5008 Gen2 Portable Flat Panel Speakers

These compact flat panel speakers have a thumbwheel volume control and require 4 AAA batteries. Providing up 12-16 hours of operating time, you'll not miss any important online conferences or presentations. These portable speakers also have a built-in jack for those times you need to use headphones.
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