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ToteGrip - Carrying Strap for Laptops

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ToteGrip - Carrying Strap for Laptops

ToteGrip - Carrying Strap for Laptops


The Bottom Line

The ToteGrip is an interesting laptop accessory that can make it much easier to carry your laptop when you don't have need of a laptop case when going from meeting to meeting. The ToteGrip would be very useful when you are looking to carry as little as possible and still keep your laptop secure while moving.


  • Laptop handle is easy to grip no matter what your hand size.
  • Can be used with a laptop sleeve that has no handles or carrying strap.
  • The handle is rated at over 55 lbs.


  • Nylon protective cording around the elastic banding may separate.
  • If used outdoors still need an exterior covering to protect your laptop.
  • No padding on the shoulder strap.


  • Available in three sizes: 12" - 14.9", 15" - 16.9" and 17" - 21".
  • Includes: laptop handle, shoulder strap and mouse pouch.
  • Laptop handle is constructed of durable foam.

Guide Review - ToteGrip - Carrying Strap for Laptops

The ToteGrip I received for review is the smallest size and fit my MacBook just right. It came with the shoulder strap and mouse pouch. If you don't happen to use a mouse with your laptop, the pouch can hold any small accessories or your cell phone if you wish.

The ToteGrip was quick and easy to attach to my laptop, there is an instruction sheet included which is always beneficial. Make sure to really give the laptop handle a good stretch before you try to place it on your laptop.

Once you have given it a good stretch it will go around the display much easier. I found it worked better to attach the shoulder straps after I'd put the handle on my laptop. The shoulder straps do not have padding and with larger laptops this could make it uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time. There is also some swing when using the shoulder strap so you may want to adjust the straps to position your laptop higher - just about waist height.

The foam grip on the handle is very comfortable and easy to hold onto. Even with my small hands I had no problems or discomfort carrying my laptop this way.

The mouse pouch is a neat little add-on that can be used for a variety of purposes which helps you stay organized and your accessories easily accessible.

The best style of laptop sleeve that would work with the ToteGrip are any that would have a snap or hook and loop closing so that you can close the end over and still have the shoulder straps accessible.

I don't advise using the ToteGrip exclusively if you have travel any distance as there is no protection for the exterior of your laptop from bumps or the elements - if you are only going between offices in the same location you should have no problems.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
ToteGrip Rocks!, Member kisg

This handle is something I can't live without. I have one on each of my 3 laptops. I gave one to a friend and missed it dearly. With the ToteGrip I can easily un-dock and run to the cafe, grab a cup of joe and keep one hand free for the elevator button and off to my next meeting. Maybe the only down side is that the handle would not fit in one of my side ways sleeves. I have had my first one for over a year with zero issues - highly recomended.

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