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Top 4 Play Yards & Playpens


Using an enclosed play area or playpen to keep small children out of a home office and harm's way is a great solution when working from home. Play areas and playpens can be used when your share your home office space with other living areas and you can't close a door to limit access or inside your home office itself. Remember to follow safety guidelines and setup your play area or playpen correctly and don't forget height/weight recommendations. A playpen provides nice peace of mind.

1. Superyard XT Play Gate

I like that this play yard can be used indoors or outside. It would certainly be handy as you can set it up anywhere you need it and know that your little one can't get into trouble. This one provides a play space of up to 18.5 sq. ft. It also has a carry strap and there are extension kits available.
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2. Graco Totblock Pack 'N' Play Yard

This portable play area includes some interactive toys to help keep your little one occupied while you are working. One of the nice benefits of the Graco play yards is they are easy to pack up and re-locate. I had an earlier model of this and it was great when my guys were small. I could see them and they could see me, so all were happy.
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3. Graco Baby Einstein Discover and Play Activity Center

While not a play yard, the activity center has enough toys to keep little ones happy while you get some work done. Activity centers like this work well with smaller children who aren't totally mobile but want more to do.
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4. Lil' Playzone with Lights and Sound

Little ones that are more mobile will have fun in this play yard that includes activities to help them learn and have fun. Just be sure it has been set up in a location where the child can't reach through and grab other things to pull into the play area or enable them to tip over the sides of the play area.
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