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Top 10 Equipment for Your Home Office


Once you have purchased your office furnishings, it's time to look at what electronic equipment and accessories you will need in order to work from home. Here are listings of different types of gear that will enable you to work successfully from your home office or the road.

1. Desktop Replacement Laptops

Desktop replacement laptops provide mobile professionals with larger displays, bigger hard drives and most times include a combination DVD-W/CD-R/W optical drive. These do put the weight over 7lbs but in many cases they aren't too heavy for carrying while traveling.

2. Thin and Light Laptops

Thin and light laptops weigh more than 4lbs but less than 7lbs and provide more options for mobile professionals than ultraportable laptops. You will find that thin and light laptops have optical drives, larger hard drives and larger displays. They are still easy to carry and don't take up much room or space in a laptop bag.

3. Ultraportable Laptops

Mobile professionals who travel frequently by air or rail know the importance of packing light and taking only what you need on business trips. This selection of ultraportable laptops which all weigh under 4lbs will provide you with the means to work well, stay connected and not add extra bulk to your baggage.

4. Web Cameras

Web cams provide you with the ability to connect with co-workers and participate in meetings, without leaving your home office. These are a very valuable tool for telecommuters. With a web camera you can use it to keep in touch, and keep that "face time" with your co-workers.

5. Desktop Microphones

Telecommuters can use desktop microphones when they need to participate in a videoconference or using other VOIP programs. Having the ability to speak with co-workers or supervisors is important for telecommuters. You should always ensure that your microphone has some type of background noise reduction feature and a mute button, so that you can control what noises are heard on the other side.

6. Cordless Telephones

A cordless phone can increase your mobility and your ability to move around in your own home office. Cordless phones allow you to move to different rooms or if the weather is agreeable - work outside. Don't leave yourself tied down by phone lines.

7. Port Replicators

Port replicators or docking stations can be used with a laptop or Tablet PC to take advantage of peripherals such as scanners, printers, additional monitors, external keyboards and mice. Some port replicators are meant to stay at your home office and can be used with your laptop as a desktop replacement system.

8. UPS Solutions

UPS devices are quite often overlooked by mobile workers which can be very costly both for replacement of their mobile gear and the data they lose. Mobile professionals often work in less than ideal conditions and the electrical connections may not always be perfect quality.

9. Headset Microphones

Headset microphones allow you the ability to control your output. You can adjust the microphone for optimum usage while having the mic in a comfortable position. If you are tight on desk space, this could be your solution. Many headset microphones also have speakers combined with them.

10. Earbud Headphones

Earbud or in the ear microphones can make life easier for telecommuters. They are small and compact. They are able to filter out background noises while still providing good quality sound. There is no headset to worry about adjusting or getting in the way.

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