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Set Up Your Home Office or Mobile Office

Make your remote working environment perfect for you. Learn how to create a fully functional office for working from home, find out what you need to set up a mobile office, and get more advice on virtual office basics.
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3 Basic Technologies for Mobile Work
A mobile office can be set up with really only three basics: Internet access, a computing device, and a phone. Here's a quick look at these three tech essentials for remote workers.

10 Gadgets to Organize Your Desk or Workspace
Get your desk organized with this selection of stylish, space-saving gadgets and accessories.

7 Free and Simple Ways to Green Your Home Office
Save money and make your home office more environmentally friendly at the same time.

Selecting an ISP for Your Home Office
Advice on comparing and selecting an Internet Service Provider for your home office.

Increase Your Home Office Internet Speed
Quick tips for getting more out of your home Internet access and boosting your Internet connection speed.

Phone Service Features for Mobile Workers
A look at some enhanced calling features that make working from home or on the road much easier. Includes features found on both VoIP for home offices and some cell phone services.

Increase Productivity with a Second Monitor
Adding a second monitor is seriously life-changing -- once you experience that extended display area you'll find yourself more productive than ever and agree that one monitor just isn't enough.

Free Fax Services
You don't need a fax machine to send or receive faxes. These free services let you send a document from your computer to a fax machine or receive faxes by email.

Regus businessworld - Business Lounges and Remote Offices
Regus businessworld offers an alternative to working at coffeeshops or wi-fi hotspots, with professional business lounges and cafes, meeting rooms, and day offices.

Home Network Setup Advisor
An interactive network advisor from About.com's Wireless / Networking Guide. Answer a few questions about your computers, type of Internet service, networking purpose, etc. and get recommendations and advice for building your home network. A non-interactive version is also available.

60 Seconds to a Better Office Space Design
It only takes a minute to make these home office tweaks from About.com's Guide to Small Business Information.

Create a Mobile Workspace - In a Home or In a Vehicle
You can work productively in your home office or vehicle office as long as you have taken the time to create an ideal mobile workspace.

Home Business Use Tax Deductions - Info for Telecommuters
Deducting your home office can provide significant tax savings, but the rules for telecommuters are trickier than they are for people who work for themselves. Here's the gist of it, from About.com's Guide to Home Business.

How to Feng Shui Your Home Office
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that aims to bring harmony and balance to living (and working) spaces. Here, About.com's Guide to Feng Shui offers tips for harnessing the energy of your home office to assure health and good fortune.

Internet Service Speeds - How Fast Is Your ISP?
Share your Internet connection speed results and ISP thoughts here.

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