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Mobile Technology Glossary

Definitions and examples of important terms for people who use mobile office technology, including telecommuters and mobile professionals.

Get the lowdown on wireless protocol 802.11 and whether you should stick with 802.11g or upgrade to the latest 802.11n version.

What is an aircard and what can it be used for?

Ad Hoc Wireless Network
Find out more about ad hoc, computer-to-computer wireless networks.

APN: Access Point Name
Your cellphone's APN setting determines how your phone connects to your wireless carrier for data. Learn more about the Access Point Name and why you might want to change it.

An updated look at what bluetooth technology is and can do.

Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN)
Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking allows you to use your Bluetooth cell phone as a modem for your laptop.

Browser-Based Tools
Find out what a browser-based tool is and see some examples of browser-based applications or Web apps.

What is CDMA2000?

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing services deliver applications entirely online. Learn more about cloud computing and how it enables mobile work.

What is Coworking?
Coworking is a new way for independent professionals to work in a shared, collaborative space. Find out more about coworking and whether it's right for you.

Overview of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G Data Plans
Mobile data plans for cell phones and other mobile devices can be unlimited or metered. Get an overview of wi-fi, 3G, and 4G data plans here.

Definition and examples of EVDO wireless technology

Definition and example of the freemium business model popular in Web 2.0 apps

Green IT
Definition and some examples of green IT or green computing.

GPRS wireless data definition

Definition, benefits, and examples of groupware, also known as collaboration software

Definition and description of wireless (or wi-fi) hotspots (or hot spots).

Internet Cafe
Definition and resources related to Internet cafes or cybercafes.

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Definition
Definition and examples of internet connection sharing or ICS on Windows computers.

Mobile Broadband
Learn more about mobile broadband, 3G or 4G wireless Internet access on laptops and other mobile devices.

Mobile Hotspot
Learn more about mobile hotspots, wireless devices or smartphone features that give you 3G or 4G wireless Internet access on multiple devices.

Definition and examples of cell phone or device jailbraking.

Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs)
Learn more about mini Internet devices

Remote Access
Find out what the term "remote access" refers to, how it relates to VPN technologies, and why it's invaluable to remote workers.

What is roaming and how do data roaming fees work? Find out in this quick overview.

Definition and examples of cell phone rooting.

Satellite Phones
Satellite phones allow you to stay connected in remote areas beyond cellular and landline coverage.

What are SMART Goals?
SMART goals are achievable ones. Learn what the SMART acronym refers to.

Definition and examples of the term telecommuting.

Definition and examples of the term telework.

Tethering enables you to go online from your laptop or PDA using your cell phone as a modem. Find out more about the pros and cons of tethering.

Unlocking, Jailbreaking, and Rooting: What You Need to Know
Unlocking, jailbreaking, and rooting all allow you to do things with your smartphone that you normally can't do. Learn about the differences and benefits of each process here.

VPN - virtual private networking - technology enables secure communication between two private networks (such as your home network and a corporate network) over a public infrastructure (e.g., the Internet).

A quick look at wireless network security: WEP versus WPA and WPA2 encryption. Find out which protocol you should be using.

An alternate spelling for wi-fi wireless technology.

Definition and examples of wi-fi wireless technology.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
Definition and examples of WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup - for automatically configuring your wireless network.

Definition and examples of wireless communications and technology.

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