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InstantPresenter Review - Web Conferencing with PayPal Integration

Profit from your live or pre-recorded web conferences

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InstantPresenter is a browser-based tool that is great for those who want to profit from their online meetings. Its PayPal integration sets it apart from competitors by allowing users to easily charge people for attending conferences or for viewing pre-recorded meetings. The tool also benefits from high quality video, so there are no delays when transmitting webcam images, which look crisp and clear. 


InstantPresenter at a Glance

Bottom-Line: This is a reliable web conferencing software that is cross-platform (works on both on Mac and PC). Hosts only need to download a small plug-in so they can share their screen or transmit high-quality video. 

Pros:  This web conferencing tool integrates with PayPal, so it’s perfect if you want to host a paid-for meeting or charge people for listening to your pre-recorded meetings. 

Cons: While screen sharing is possible, InstantPresenter doesn’t support desktop control. This web conferencing tool is also missing encryption, so if meeting safety is your top priority, this may not be the tool for you. 

Price: Plans start at $48 for 25 attendees. This is comparable to what GoToMeeting and Webex charge. 


The Basics

If you want to try InstantPresenter before you purchase, there is a 14-day free trial, which allows meetings with up to 10 participants that last up to 90 minutes. The sign-up process is easy, but it is required that you share a telephone number in order to gain access to the free trial. This can be a bit of a drawback, as so many people now prefer to communicate via e-mail. 

Once you’ve signed up, you’re ready to use the web conferencing tool. InstanPresenter has a good e-mail invitation system, where users just need to type the e-mail addresses of those they want to invite to the meeting, and an invitation note if required. Much like GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, the e-mail invitation has a link that participants can click to go straight into the meeting. This is helpful as there is no time wasted with remembering meeting codes that need to be typed into a separate screen. 

Each meeting can have up to six presenters. Presenters receive a different invitation, which will automatically give them ‘presenter rights’ right when they join the meeting. This means that the host doesn’t have to grant permission to presenters individually once they join. 



Easy to Use Web Conferencing

While InstantPresenter has an easy to use interface, it doesn’t look as beautiful as iChat’s or Webex’s. That being said, it does deliver when it comes to features. 

First of all, users can customize the meeting room with a custom background (such as company colors, for example) or with the company logo. Participants will see the logo when logging into the web conference and also when registering or taking any surveys related to the meeting. 

The software supports VoIP, so there is no need to use the telephone for speaking. However, if you prefer to speak through the phone or don’t have a USB headset, InstantPresenter provides users with a telephone number that they can call to be connected to the conference. 

One of the great features of InstantPresenter is that it supports up to six webcams at a time. So all presenters can be visible, for example. It’s also possible to transmit high-quality video to participants. All that hosts need to do for that is download a small plug-in. No downloads are necessary on the participant side, as InstantPresenter is completely browser-based. 



Standard Features

InstantPresenter has a comparable feature-set to all leading web conferencing tools. This means that screen sharing, whiteboard and survey tools are all available for presenters during their web conference. 

If you think that screen sharing could delay your meeting, you can upload your PowerPoint presentation or PDF file instead. By doing so, you can lock the display so that your web conference participants are seeing the exact same slide or part of the document that you’re seeing, in exactly the way that you see it. By using this option, you can expand or shrink the video or slides screen, depending on what you would like to focus on. 

Much like on Freebinar, users can raise their hands or indicate to the presenter that they agree, disagree or have a question. 



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