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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Video Conferencing

How video conferencing enhances your telecommuting or remote work arrangement


Remote working arrangements are becoming increasingly popular; not only do they allow for more flexibility in telecommuters' lives, connecting to the office remotely enables employees to work without common office distractions. However, working from somewhere other than your office can sometimes feel isolating, as you no longer have the water-cooler moments or spontaneous lunches out with colleagues. This is where video conferencing comes in, as it allows you to have real-time, face-to-face interactions with your colleagues. If you’re not already using a video conferencing service, I’ve listed below the main reasons why you really should be doing it. 

1. You can better judge someone’s reactions by assessing their body language - In business, non-verbal communication is as important as what your colleagues are saying. You can see if the person you’re talking to is smiling or frowning, for example, which is something you can't glean from phone conferencing. By taking cues from people’s body language, you can tailor your conversation to your audience’s mood (do they seem bored? tired?).

2. Strengthens office relationships - Ever heard the expression ‘getting face time’? It’s important being able to see your business partners and colleagues, since it helps people get to know each other better--video conferencing lets you get to know people on a deeper level than with a phone call, as people tend to show more of their personality when they can see each other when speaking. Plus, it’s easier to work with someone that you see regularly than with someone you only occasionally hear because people tend to feel closer to those they see on a regular basis. So if you’re working remotely and aren’t in the office often, video conferencing is a way to make yourself seen, improving relationships with your colleagues. 

3. Lets you save time - By using a video conferencing tool, you can avoid travelling long distances in order to attend meetings. This means that you can save time, and also increase your productivity as you can work when you would otherwise be travelling. To show your company your value as a remote worker, the more productive you are, the better it is. This means that even though your boss won’t see you arrive in the office early and leave late, your value as an employee will still be showing through because of your increased productivity. Ultimately, this could lead to better performance reviews and salary raises. 

4. Saves your company money - If your office has a number of remote workers who all need to meet on a regular basis to discuss projects, video conferencing can help your company save money, as it will not need to pay for meeting rooms, transportation or accommodation. Video conferencing still lets you and your colleagues get face time, but from the comfort of your on home or anywhere else you usually work. 

5. Enables you to do business at any time - Need to meet with someone on a completely different time zone? By video conferencing, you can easily do so without having to leave your house while still having the all important face-to-face element. You can easily arrange for a presentation or to close business at any time, from anywhere without having to worry about conventional office hours. As a remote worker, this represents the ultimate freedom - being able to work from wherever, whenever. 

If you want to try video conferencing for yourself, check out the best video conferencing tools available. 

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