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Discover top VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing, online meeting, and other mobile communication solutions to help you work more effectively and stay connected from any location.
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The 5 Best Online Meeting Tools
Learn more about the best online meeting and web conferencing tools for your business. Learn about GoToMeeting, WebEx, Adobe Connect Pro, DimDim and Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

Top Video Conferencing Applications and Services
An outline, from About.com's Guide to Voice Over IP, of many free and paid video conferencing apps.

How to Effectively Organize an Online Meeting
Learn how to organize an online meeting: how to have a successful online meeting, and what to do before and after your meeting.

Top Affordable Web Conferencing Tools for Small Businesses
Discover a number of affordable web conferencing tools that are perfect for small businesses. Find out more about how they compare with established web conferencing tools such as Webex and GoToMeeting.

Top Web Conferencing Tools for Mac
Discover the best web and video conferencing tools compatible with Mac OS X.

Top Web Conferencing Day Pass Providers
Want to web conference but without commiting to a monthly plan? Then find out more about the top web conferencing providers that offer day passes. Discover the main features available to you with each web conferencing tool.

Top Up-and-Coming Webinar Tools
Learn more about the latest web conferencing tools, such as GatherPlace, Nefsis and InterCall. The webinar tools listed not only have packages that allow for hundreds of attendees, but they are also reliable and easy-to-use.

FAQs About Webinars and Online Meetings
These FAQs will try to answer some of your questions about webinars and online meetings. Learn more about the difference between a webinar and an online meeting, and when to choose to host a webinar instead of an online meeting.

The Most Important Features in a Web Conferencing Tool
Learn about the must-have features for a web conferencing tool, such as screen sharing, VoIP capabilities and a clear user interface.

Best Online Collaboration Tools - Free and paid tools for online collaboration
Best Online Collaboration Tools - Free and paid tools for online collaboration

List of Free Online Collaboration Tools
A list of the best free online collaboration tools available. Learn more about Google Docs, Glide, Scribbler, Collabtive, Twiddla and Central Desktop. Discover the best online collaboration tool for the iPad and other mobile devices.

Huddle Review - An Online Collaboration Tool
Huddle Review - An Online Collaboration Tool

FAQs About Online Collaboration
Frequently asked questions (and answers) about online collaboration, including the best tools for online collaboration and whether using online collaboration tools is secure.

Top Screen Sharing Applications
Screen sharing is an important feature of web conferencing software. However, if you don't have access to a web conferencing software, you can still use its most important functionality - screensharing. Read more to discover the best free and paid for screen sharing applications.

How to Organize a Web Conference Agenda
How to Organize a Web Conference Agenda - A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Web Conferences

How to Save Money on Video Conferencing
Save money on video conferencing with these simple hints and tips. Discover the most inexpensive video conferencing tools that will help save your business money.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Video Conferencing
Learn more about the many benefits of video conferencing, and great tools for meeting online with video.

FAQs About Video Conferencing
These FAQs answer some of the most common questions about video conferencing. Learn about the difference between video conferencing and web conferencing, the best video conferencing tools, and video conferencing etiquette.

The Benefits of Web Conferencing
Before the advent of broadband Internet access, business trips were the norm. Employees all over the world travelled in order to meet with colleagues and clients, losing enormous amounts of time at airports in the process. Web conferencing can help companies save time, money and hire the best talent, Learn more about the benefits of web conferencing.

The Benefits of Online Collaboration Tools
Find out about the benefits of online collaboration, and how a good online collaboration tool can improve the way you work with your colleagues.

Use Online Collaboration to Maintain Productivity in Bad Weather
Bad weather doesn’t need to cause work disruptions, as long as companies have a sound online working plan. Forward-thinking bosses have been using online collaboration to maintain productivity in bad weather for years now. Learn more about how you can use online collaboration to maintain productivity in bad weather.

Common Screen Sharing Mistakes
Learn more about the most common mistakes made while sharing your desktop, and how you can avoid them. Make your web conference run smoothly while screen sharing.

Best Apps for Web Conferencing on an iPad
Learn more about the best apps for the iPad and iPad 2 for web conferencing and video conferencing at any time, from anywhere.

Top 5 Benefits of Skype for Small Businesses
Find out about the top benefits of Skype as a web conferencing tool for small businesses. Learn more about how your business can benefit from free Skype-to-Skype calls to web conference with anyone, anywhere.

3 Reasons Why Google+ Is Great for Teamwork and Business
Google's social network, Google+, may actually be a very useful tool for teams and working.

Phone Service Features for Mobile Workers
A look at some enhanced calling features that make working from home or on the road much easier. Includes features found on both VoIP for home offices and some cell phone services.

Top Social Networking Sites for Online Collaboration
Social networking sites can be valuable online collaboration tools for businesses and professionals. Check out these social networking tools that are like Twitter and Facebook but designed specifically for organizations to collaborate online.

IM for Business
For business purposes, use an enterprise IM, as these clients tend to have added security features. About.com's Guide to IM has a good list of several business IM solutions.

5 Most Popular IM Clients
The Guide to Instant Messaging lists and reviews the most popular (by active users) IM clients.

How to Organize and Host a Webinar - Simple Tips For Webinar Success
How to Organize and Host a Webinar - Simple Tips For Webinar Success

GoToMeeting vs. WebEx Meeting Center - Web Conferencing Tools
Find out how the GoToMeeting and WebEx web conferencing tools compare in terms of features, reliability and security, usability and price.

Top 5 Skype Alternatives
This article will show you the top five Skype alternatives currently in the market. The tools below are not identical to Skype in functionality, however, they also give users a high-quality web conferencing experience. Learn more about which tools compare to Skype, and find out about how you can get them.

GoToMeeting Review - Review of GoToMeeting's Online Meeting Features
GoToMeeting Review - Review of GoToMeeting's Online Meeting Features

GoToWebinar Review - A Complete Web Conferencing Tool
GoToWebinar Review - A Complete Web Conferencing Tool

FAQs About Developing and Conducting an Online Presentation
This FAQ aims to answer your most pressing questions about developing and conducting an online presentation. Learn more about going beyond PowerPoint, and which multimedia tools can make your meeting stand out.

The Best Free Web Conferencing Tools - Meet Online for Free
The Best Free Web Conferencing Tools - Meet Online for Free

Best Video Conferencing Software
A description of the best video conferencing tools, including Skype and TokBox. Learn more about the features of each video conferencing software and find out which tool will benefit your company the most.

How to Participate in an Online Meeting
Learn more about online meeting etiquette and the do's and don'ts of web meeting participation.

iChat Review - Web Conferencing for Mac Users
iChat has been built for Mac’s OS X operating system. Originally designed as a chat tool, it gained web conferencing capabilities as it evolved. Read more to discover the benefits of this free web conferencing tool for Mac users.

Vyew Review - An Advanced Web Conferencing and Online Collaboration Tool
Vyew Review - An Advanced Web Conferencing and Online Collaboration Tool

How to Follow Up After an Online Meeting
Set the tone for future online meetings and make sure all your meeting action items get done with the right follow-up to your online meeting.

VSee Review - Video Conferencing for Windows Users
VSee is a video conferencing application that also supports online collaboration. It has a free version available for personal use. Learn more about VSee by reading the full product review.

WebEx Review - Review of WebEx Online Meeting Tool
WebEx Review - Review of WebEx Online Meeting Tool

Mikogo Review - A Practical Web Conferencing Tool
Mikogo Review - A Practical Web Conferencing Tool

Freebinar Review - A Free Web Conferencing Tool
Freebinar Review - A Free Web Conferencing Tool

How to Have a Successful Q&A Session in Your Online Meeting
Make your online meeting more successful by involving participants in the Q&A session. Here are some tips for the Q&A session of your online meeting.

Choosing Your Online Meeting Attendees
It can be tricky choosing the right people to participate in your online meeting. Learn more about choosing your online meeting participants.

GatherPlace Review - Web Conferencing Software for Larger Meetings
Learn more about GatherPlace, a new web conferencing application that allows for up to 2,000 people to meet at a time. Find out about how it compares to GoToMeeting and Webex.

InstantPresenter Review - Web Conferencing with PayPal Integration
Learn more about InstantPresenter, a web conferencing tool that integrates with PayPal so hosts can profit from their web conferences.

Tixeo WorkSpace3D Review- Video Conferencing in HD

TeamViewer Review - Features-Rich Remote Access Technology
Read the review of TeamViewer, a complete remote access solution. Find out more about its features, pros and cons, and see how it compares to GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and other competitors.

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