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Shift Cell Phone Belt Clip

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Belt Clip for Shift

Belt Clip for Shift

Rivet International

The Bottom Line

The Shift belt clip is another cell phone accessory from Rivet that makes it easy to keep your cell phone handy and secure. For those who wear belts and prefer to keep their cell phone at their waist, the Shift is an ideal accessory.
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  • Provides secure and quick access to your cell phone.
  • Easily attaches to any belt.


  • None


  • Alloy and stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Universal fit for any cell phone.
  • Includes: E-Clip, Fixed Pin, Hook Plate and Dashboard Adhesive Plate.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

Guide Review - Shift Cell Phone Belt Clip

The Shift belt clip from Rivet attaches to any belt and can be used with any cell phone. The E-Clip attachment is the same as that used for the Trek, so if you already have a Trek you just need to purchase the Shift belt clip.

The Shift belt clip is thin and lightweight which means you don't have a big bulky attachment on your belt. It's easy to attach and detach your phone with one hand and that makes it a great accessory especially while going between meetings or while carrying a laptop case. You don't have to try digging through pockets or your laptop case to grab your cell phone.

The Shift will work with any cell phone and that is a big benefit as you can buy a new fixed pin if you change cell phones and continue using the Shift.

You can easily transfer your cell phone between your vehicle and carry it on your belt with no fear of losing or dropping your cell phone.

If you've been frustrated with your current way of carrying your cell phone, I recommend that you "Shift" your way of thinking and try the Shift belt clip from Rivet.

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