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Panasonic KX-TCA86 Hands-Free Headset

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Panasonic KX-TCA86 Hands-Free Headset

Panasonic KX-TCA86 Hands-Free Headset

Panasonic Corporation

The Bottom Line

Purchasing the Panasonic KX-TCA86 Hands-Free Headset was for a couple reasons: it can be used with my cell phone while traveling and with my cordless phone when I'm working on the computer. I no longer have to try and balance the handset on my shoulder and try to use the keyboard at the same time. Hands-free headsets do take some getting used to and you may have to try a variety before finding the one that suits you best.
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  • Works with cell phones and cordless phones.
  • Long cable to connect to phone.
  • Padded ear piece.
  • Can be worn on left or right side.


  • No mute or volume control.


  • 2.5mm Connection.
  • Adjustable noise-canceling boom microphone.
  • Can be folded for traveling or when not in use.
  • 4ft cable with clip to keep it from getting in the way.

Guide Review - Panasonic KX-TCA86 Hands-Free Headset

I tried some different headsets on and while some had bigger ear pieces, they felt too heavy to wear for any length of time. The Panasonic KX-TCA86 Hands-Free Headset is very lightweight and still fits very comfortably. Another consideration was that the headset I chose did not pinch my ears - no matter which side I happened to be wearing it on.

The headband itself is adjustable and you can ensure it fits snugly and won't slide off while in use or you are moving around.

The boom mic easily adjusts and I found the best way to find the right position is to use the headset and have the person on the other end let you know when your end of the conversation sounds the best. This mic is pretty strong and when placed too close, it may seem that you are shouting to the person at the other end. You don't have to speak very loudly into the microphone either. Just talk at normal or even a little lower and you'll be heard quite easily.

The fact that this headset could be used with my cell phone and cordless phone while in my home office was another benefit for me. I can move from office to car and not remove the headset in the process.

With the addition of a jack adapter, you could also use this headset with your laptop for conferencing.

If you are looking for a compact and portable solution for using a cordless phone or your cell phone, the Panasonic KX-TCA86 Hands-Free Headset makes a great accessory.

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