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Previously Owned Laptops - Do You Want a Used Laptop?

Should You Buy a Used Laptop?


While we all would like to purchase a brand new laptop, that is not always possible. Previously owned laptops (used laptop) can be the ideal purchase solution for some mobile office professionals. With how quickly new models are released and the fact that many companies upgrade frequently, you may find some very good bargains in the used laptop categories.


It is important to check the laptop and learn if you can upgrade any components especially networking capabilities. While it may be ideal to have the newest and best technology, sometimes budgets don't allow for that. Finding a previously owned laptop that will meet your requirements can take time, but the time will be worth finding the laptop that can function best for you.

You should be aware that there are differences between “used” and “refurbished” laptops. It is preferable to get a refurbished laptop as you are less likely to have problems and will have some recourse if you do run into problems.

Used laptops:

  • Not certified
  • Normally private sales – people may not be entirely honest with why they are selling
  • Could end up with a “lemon laptop”
  • No real recourse if there are problems – their word against yours
  • No warranties
  • No guarantee that it will work or for how long
  • May need to spend more money repairing or replacing components

Where to buy:

  • Online auctions – no way to verify the accuracy of the described item.
  • Price and quantity are not certain
  • Online marketplaces – have set prices and quantities – may offer some warranty but usually only a short period of time

Refurbished laptops:

  • Certified for resale
  • Have warranties
  • Have been examined closely and damaged or worn parts replaced, some components updated
  • Better opportunity to try it before you buy
  • Dealing with more reputable companies – their reputation is on the line

Where to buy

  • Check with laptop manufacturers, they quite often list or recommend authorized sellers of their equipment.
  • Reputable computer sales companies quite often buy refurbished laptops in bulk and can then sell at a good price.

Both laptops I have purchased were refurbished, and I have had no problem with either one. Buying refurbished enabled me to gain the mobility I needed for work and my laptops have been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at them.

This may not be the case for everyone and you should make sure you know who you are buying from and understand what type of warranties are in place before you make the purchase.

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