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Turn a USB 3G Modem into a Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot Like the Mi-Fi


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  • Got one of those USB dongles for 3G or 4G mobile broadband access on your computer? If you want to share that mobile data plan with several other devices, like a WiFi-only tablet, a Wi-Fi iPod touch, a friend's laptop, or the Nintendo DS, you can. All you need is a travel router that can turn the USB modem into a Mi-Fi-like mobile hotspot.

    Two of the top travel wireless routers in my roundup fit that bill: The Asus WL-330N3G Wireless Router, which fulfills a whole bunch of functions including adding Wi-Fi to your Blu-ray player and extending Wi-Fi range, and the Zoom Telephonics 4506 3G Wireless-N Travel Router. Both cost around $70, but you can share your wireless Internet access with several other devices at a time, which makes this option cheaper than buying a separate USB 3G or 4G modem or, in many cases, the Mi-Fi with a new data plan. It's a good alternative for multi-person households, traveling with co-workers, and getting more out of your current USB modem.

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